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  1. I agree, it is nice to hear an American say this. If it wasn't for the media we'd hear it a lot more.
  2. I don't think he's a low-life for not giving anything to the staff, I think he's a cheap prick from leaving $100. Leaving $100 is worse than leaving nothing.
  3. If he did assume the policy was the same he wouldn't have left $100...even that amount would've been against the law. If he actually left a $100, he should be expecting a few "accidentally" flipped cards next year. Pathetic tip :roll:
  4. You find it odd that everyone would doubt you, a non poker pro, that a successful poker pro has a blatant tell? :roll: No one plays at the top levels with that blatant a tell...at least not for long. :wink:
  5. IMO, he was a twit making a move like that on a draw. I suspect that he's working very hard this series with regards to not letting beats get to him. Wasn't really a tough beat anyway, he was never ahead. He'll be angry with himself on the play but that's not what usually sets him off. He needs a beat where he was massive favorite to win until the river hits and busts him....then the fireworks will start :wink:
  6. :shock: Why on earth would you lay it down? Is that guy gonna push a large bet in with the house? No he wouldn't (or at the very least shouldn't). His play with the house would be to try to trap, especially with a flush draw out there. IMO, based on his bet, you've got to figure he can't be on 10/9 or 10/10. Immediate reraise all in on his bet would be my bet.
  7. I'm fairly new to this board and see a lot of people asking Smash for advice. Is he some sort of poker master? Has he done something of note in the poker world?No offense intended to Smash but so far, 90% of the responses from him that I've read involve very little in the way of informative feedback, just name calling and insults to intelligence.
  8. Stu Ungar is widely regarded as one of, if not the best player ever (his addictions not withstanding).You obviously don't know a good player from a bad one. :roll:
  9. As gambling is defined thus far as risking money on a bet, but what if there's no risk? For example:You have AK of spades. Flop is AAQs. Any bet here is gambling, there are hands that can beat you.Turn brings a J of spades. Again any bet here must be considered gambling by the standard definition.River then brings you the 10 of spades...nice for you :wink: Is any bet here really gambling? You can't lose so if you're not risking money it can't be gambling right?
  10. Did he say that exactly? Or did he say that poker was not a game of chance?There is a difference?IMO, Poker is NOT a game of chance (because you don't need the best hand to win - in fact, even in a tournament you only need the best hand ONCE to win a tournament). Unlike blackjack where you can't bluff the House.That, however, does not change the fact that playing poker for money is gambling.His statement was that he doesn't believe poker is gambling because you can affect the outcome.
  11. For what it's worth, I saw an interview with Chris Ferguson and he doesn't believe that poker is gambling because you have some control of the outcome. To truly gamble you are placing a bet with no possibility of affecting the outcome.
  12. Can't remember the tourney but it was on ESPN the other night (maybe a Euro event). Anyway chip leader has KK and raises it up from UTG+1. Everyone folded except the SB who had QQ. He reraises. Leader calls reraise and the flop comes Q,x,x. SB comes out betting half the pot, chip leader thinks and then throws away his kings :shock: Now that was a hell of a laydown
  13. So where does this challenge stand? Anyone played yet?
  14. Hmmm....maybe I should see about a 'scrip for that stuff. I have ADD and often find that...I....I....what was I talking about? :wink:
  15. :? There's no way you'd be able to cash but you'd take the seat?
  16. :roll: Having WMD doesn't mean they'll actually use them so arguing that USA, China, UK, etc. have them and no one invaded them is pointless. At this point in time, any country seeking to actually use their WMD would need to get UN approval. I know that the US has ignored the UN's wishes before but this isn't a scenario that they could do so without global retribution. Without a UN mandate or a direct WMD attack on them, the US will never use them. The same could not be said for Saddam.Saddam actually used WMD on his own people. :shock: Saddam needed removal, US was stupid for using terro
  17. I made the change when I got continuously flamed for my own picture, b/c I was wearing just a tank top, and by a lot of fcpers standards, it cries for attention! Then people kept insulting my looks, and I'd much rather people take me seriously in a menacing sort of "OMG don't choke me with the force" way.Well whomever was flaming you was a twit :x Insulting your looks? Double twit :wink: For what it's worth I always thought you had a great avatar and never thought it a reason not to take you seriously. 8) Please don't choke me with the force, I'll continue to take you seriously :wink:
  18. Gotta say the money. While I'd love to sit in the main event it would be, as others have said, a crap shoot. I think I'd buy in to 1 or 2 smaller events (1500 or so), play the cash tables with a couple of grand and take a trip somewhere with the rest.BTW - Marion, what's up with Darth? I'm sure that there must have been a thread on this when you made the change :wink:
  19. as always you're a true tool Smash :roll:
  20. Bad beat stories are annoying enough but for play money?!?!? :roll: I'm :oops: for you. Please go find a site where someone might care about a bad beat for play money (if there is one) and stop posting this stuff here.
  21. Interesting that all those who've decided the book was useless didn't give any good reasons for their opinion :roll: . One stated that the tells discussed only apply to fish but that's not the case as each tell is rated on a reliability percentage for weak, average and strong players. IMO, the book is excellent for live players. First off, they give a good background on basic human reactions and what to watch for. For an inexperienced live player, figuring out these little things can cost quite a bit so it can save you some cash along the learning curve. Secondly, I find the tips very use
  22. I don't think once you make the money it's a crap shoot if you don't have chip lead. I think you just need to be aggressive.Your basic heads up strategy is reasonable. Heads up, aggression wins. I know Hellmuth won the heads up championship with trap play but that just won't work with the SnG blind structure. I disagree with the all in preflop with good hands idea. You want him in the hand when you've got good cards. Minimal raise or flat call with stronger hands IMO but remember to mix it up a bit. My win rate for SnGs (or rather in the money rate) is about 50% or so but I've had sessio
  23. I think Doyle already cashed as well but I'd love to see him win this one. C'mon gramps you can do it :!:
  24. ...and then the IRS comes knocking on his door wondering where he got the money and why he didn't declare it. :wink: How are you supposed to prove to the insurance company that you had a grand cash in the house? What do you think a claim like this would do for your premiums? I'm pretty sure the insurance company would jack your rates if you continually keep that much cash in house and not in a safe.
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