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  1. Bet more on the turnBet more on the riverDo you understand how often a2 is paying you off here?
  2. Hand 1 Fold preflopHand 2 Raise less preflop
  3. Pudge714

    bad play?

    It's a very bad play you have 13 bbs a bad hand and there are three people to act behind you. You can definetly wait for a better shot. I agree that the BB's call was bad because he wasn't beating anythin. That said it's a very bad push by way you and you should definetly wait for a better spot.
  4. Anyone who says that Party sngs are the worst format online is an idiot. If you can learn how to play them properly the are by far the most profitbale. They take much less time than the other sng's on other sites so you can make more money per hour. Secondly they are much less read dependent because most of your decisons should be push or fold therefore they are much easier to 4+ table. The only reason why you think they are bad to play is because you don't understand how to play them so you can't be as profitable. Learn how to play the party ones well and you can make much more money.
  5. didnt he?Negative. A min-raise with two players already in for a raise and a call would hardly qualify as raising the hell out of the flop.Pretty sure it's limit
  6. I love when people make jokes and then idiots who don't get sarcasm make him explain the joke, which just runs it for everyone.
  7. AK is in good shape against everyhand but AA and KKA pocket pair like 66-77 which you said you would rather have is is a huge dog against a 88+, and only a huge favorite over 55- which most people do not go all in with preflop.As well AK plays much better after the flop most pocket pairs below TT only play well all in preflop or if you flop a set. I would much rather have AK then a mid pair.
  8. It was $6 a bet the pot.Why should he bet the flop harder we won't make AK fold with nut draw, gutshot and two overs.
  9. Thats fing hilarious.P.S. How quickly did you bust him?Played him 2 out of 3 I won 2 and lost when his AJ cracked my AQ.Another misread I often see on a 277 board One guy has A7 another guy has 22, and the guy with 22 think he is beaten because three twos are worse than three sevens.
  10. In a 50 dollar heads up match against super weak tight opponent. "You're a fish you play any two cards."
  11. First of all I don't think you make the money in 70% of the MTT's you play that is very difficult.About the push with A6 when pushing preflop you need to consider the following things in no particulat order1. Postion2. Stack Size3. Other peoples calling range4. How much time is left in a level5. Table Image6. Your CardsIn this hand you are considering numbers 2 and 6 that is all.With A6o there you should probably folding the CO if it is folded to you, although it is close. With 22-99 I need to know at least your position and stack size. To get a legitimate answer.If you want to really figure i
  12. I have seen an interview with Howard Lederer and he said that he thinks he could do well in the big game but it just does not appeal to him because he knwos he would need to work very hard for a long time to adapt to the game. Personally I think a lot of pros could win in the big game if given time to adapt. This is what bothers me about Barry because he thinks himself, Phil Ivey, Doyle and Chau Giang are the only people in the world capable of winning the big game. I agree with kurt there is a difference betweeen being confident and being an arrogant prick. Barry is an arrogant prick, persona
  13. You can't say you cracked Gus because you most defintley do not have a large enough sample size on Television I doubt you have knowledge of 1000 hands which is a tiny sample size, congratulations you found out how he played in one tourney. You say pros haven't found this out, well frankly I trust thier juudement and reading skill then you please never post again.
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