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  1. hey econ_tim, thanx for the reply.....how long will it take to clear $100 if i put it in......just an approximate number of days wud be a good starter for me...thanx...schemr
  2. hey guys, im thinkin of takin some of my winnings on Party Poker and puttin some in GamesGrid bc of the 1000% bonus....cud some1 who has used it tell me if it is tru the 1000% bonus and how it worx....thanx a bunch!schemr
  3. hey guys... just wanted to know how many fcprs are playin in the one that gonna start now (Monday 2:10 am) watch for schemr if u in there...gl allschemr
  4. i totally agree with rock crawler....you shud always be confident when u play and always play ur style....i know what he means when he says u dont raise your hands or fold thinkin the other guy has it since it has happend to me.....i overcame it by taking a few days off and watching a lot of the poker videos ive got.....i only watch the pros play and i pick up on them and go back to the table with confidence....make sure u take a break and go back with confidence and dont change ur style....that helped me a lot.....actually when i was down....i started limping in with good hands and just dint
  5. hey, this is a very interesting topic brought up......me just like akishore....am a son of immigrants to Canada.....hence they want their kids to be either DOCTORS or ENGINEERS.....which is y im doing 2nd!......well they dont know i play poker or how much time i spend.......prolly gonna tell em this summer....gotta come out some time since im gonna spending most of my summer playin poker!.......schemr
  6. personally.....i wud have folded considering he is pounding the flop and the turn and it dosnt seem like a bet Gavin wud have made with the top pair AND the A high draw! from what u said of the situation.....it most likely looked like a set since he called from BB with a small pair that had flopped a set....or suited connecters that hit.....i.e. J-9......so it wud have been a fold @ that situation @ that spot in the tourny for me......thanx for another gr8 Question DN......
  7. you are mostlikely beat by A-Q or A-9.....dosnt seem QQ since no reraise PF....
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