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  1. The point of a Vegan diet is not eating anything with animal product, including diary.
  2. can someone on pacific find out how many people are left in the 10pm 10k daily. My lobby function does not work.Thank YouEdit: 3 left Have been card dead for over an hour
  3. I stayed up for five days and nights. That was quite a rush.
  4. You can only use 2 of your hole cards in Omaha to make your hand.
  5. that sucked.ended up 2nd but could not any cardsno, it payed out 50
  6. in first with 3 left100,000 chip lead over second
  7. the 5.50 1.5k gntdthat might helpbeen card dead for 30 min
  8. after a two month run since last final table, another win in is me sightsif anyones awake and mindnumbing boredcome and sweatand this christmas eve night
  9. bigk

    poker music

    don't you tell me how I feeldon't you tell me how I feeldon't you tell me how I feelyou don't know just how I feeli want to know everythingi want to be everywherei want to **** everyone in the worldi want to do something that matters
  10. bigk

    reading list.

    Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. I haven't finished yet, but a mind blowing book.
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