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  1. The stacks are far too deep IMO to find out if the fourth nuts are good, if you had 500 or less in front of you I would gamble but with only 40 in the pot ill find a better time to get all my money in. I put him on 66. That hand makes the most sense.
  2. Bottom 2 is usually good, but very easy to draw out on. I like to make big CRs with bottom 2 on flops if I know preflop raiser is gonna take a shot. I would of popped it to 11, if he reraises, I just listen to my gut and either push or fold.
  3. I always reload after my stack fall by 10-20 percent. It really sucks when you have the stone cold nuts and someone is willing to double you up with only half a stack.
  4. it isn't enough money to bother with any kind of investment. if you like poker, use the money to bonuswhore. that will get you a much higher return, with very low risk (if you ONLY play great bonuses) than any investment.850 is way too small an amount to do anything useful with. If you made that much in a month just keep using it to play poker.
  5. I currently just play poker to pay all my bills right now while im in school. Take in on average 500 a week for 25-30 hours of play. Works out well as I can choose to "work" whenever I wish.I am however gonna start working a normal job when spring hits.Poker is too much of a grind. " A hard way to make an easy livin"
  6. Tough spot to be in, But there are a broad range of hands he could play in this fashion that you are way ahead of. Im calling here gettin 2-1 on my money and see what he does on the river.
  7. At low limit this is definetly an instacall. He must not like money to try to push pots like that with top boats.
  8. These are my thoughts, it may be much closer than it looks. Not having much cash in the pot I fold, i'll get my money in in a better spot. I'd feel pretty stupid getting my money in here if im behind. I actually see this line occasionally from tricky players who realize they are up against solid tags. Push with a monster hoping you can't lay down a big hand. Still a stupid line of betting. Right here I am putting my opponent on 88 or AQd.
  9. Tough decision, I usually just go with my gut in these situations and it serves me well.Looking at the hand I think we very well may be up against KQs here.
  10. Awesome....I send about 500 a week to my bank account from neteller, it's a great feeling when your see your play paying dividends.
  11. Awesome....I send about 500 a week to my bank account from neteller, it's a great feeling when your see your play paying dividends.
  12. Nip Tuck and Firefly are the best on the list.
  13. I have not played at party for a few months. I just logged in to see and they gave me 5 free bucks. Dealt 2 16s in blackjack with dealer showing kings.Jerkoffs
  14. its simple. i got bad money management honestly tho, winning 100 on the day just aint juicy enough for me. gotta go for the bigger scoreYou will be a very poor man very quickly gambling like this.
  15. Denver -8 is my biggest play of the day $385If you are so sure it is a horrible line and have an awesome read on this game, you should just put all the money NY +8. Why on earth would you parlay?
  16. Its happened to me on a smaller scale, and in a positive fashion. I use to be a cheap bastard to put it honestly. But now meals that are under 20 dollars and random items under 100 dollars seem cheap to me and I don't mind spending the money, not that I do it often. But I think it is more do to sports betting than poker. Betting 1k+ or so a week really makes smaller sums of me seem less significant.I did blow throught some cash this weekend however on celtics tickets, alcohol, and a shitload of sushi.
  17. Ninjaballz

    yeh, sun

    No sun here yet, i think it finally ends tommorow.
  18. I would be thinking about playing Poke-her
  19. Colts have had the easiest schedule in the NFL so far. Any top 5 team goes 5-0 against that schedule.Top 4 in the AFC, 1Pats2Steelers3Colts4ChargersThe rest pretty much have no superbowl chances
  20. My promoDear Ninjaballz, Party Points for Cash has returned for a limited time and this is your opportunity to cash in on the excitement at PartyPoker.com! Earn 1000 Regular Points between October 5th and October 31st and you can earn $85 in cash. You have earned 0 regular points so far. You still have to earn 1000 regular points by October 31st to be eligible. Be sure you don't miss out! Sounds like a pretty sucky clearance rate to me.
  21. To answer your question....When I go down 15bb I will usually leave a table unless it is very juicy. At that point I just figure im running bad and take a short break from playing for a bit then find another table.
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    week 3

    Atlanta at Buffalo Carolina at Miami Cincinnati at Chicago Cleveland at Indianapolis Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets New Orleans at Minnesota Oakland at Philadelphia Tampa Bay at Green Bay Tennessee at St. Louis Arizona at Seattle Dallas at San Francisco New England at Pittsburgh N.Y. Giants at San Diego Kansas City at Denver
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