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  1. one thing hasnt changed and that is by playing super-tight you can still go deep in big fields, but if you were to 'small ball' it like its '05 then everyone knows now how to play against that, you just 3-bet the pants of the old-school small baller
  2. How many guiness do you think you could drink in 30 minutes?
  3. would like to confirm that this play will not work in the $5.50 freezeout on pokerstars
  4. correct AllTheWomen was believed to be Patrik Antonius. 'Get Crunk' lol nerds :rolleyes:edit: just googled the 'Get Crunk Crew' quite a read, wonder if they went busto?
  5. I'm not from the US but wouldnt advise depositing any money in sites until everything gets sorted. If you want to however i think merge and cake are the 2 main front runners but cash outs for US players have been known to take 3+ months.
  6. Many years ago you played $500/1000 limit holdem heads up matches on FCP, you played some epic matches with a player calling themselves 'dreamclown' I remember you would post on this forum talking about the player actually being a small group of young players so my question is did any of them go on to be mainstream/known players or did they burn out/ go busto? Was it Tom Dwan, Phil Galfond and Andrew Robl? cheersJust listened to your videoblogs on youtube, I'm with you about twoplustwo so i'm posting here from now on. I got my first ever 20 infraction points a few months ago from 'professiona
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