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  1. Regardless of which side of the fence that anyone sits on, this is a sad moment for the US. He was a good man that voted for what he believed in.God bless.
  2. The only time I have had issues with PT/GT+ was when I had minimized GT+ and it went into the system tray next to the clock. I would get disconnected until I shut down GT+. I just keep it maximized now and I haven't been bumped off.Hopefully that will help.
  3. i think they mean the fact that he posted the guy's e-mail address.bingo--The guy definitely should have gotten banned for that crap. I just think it's hysterical that JWeb faught back.Never screw with the admin!
  4. This might be the most wickedly cruel, yet delightfully humorous thing I've seen in a while.Cheers, JWeb!
  5. The picture is priceless.Definitely a fun weekend for you guys!
  6. I'm still new to poker, so take my $.02 for what it's worth (probably $.000002) Anyway, I would have played it identical, including the limp PF and the raise on the river. Why is raising it up a proper play? If you get heads up, it seems like either a coin flip at best or at worst, you're behind by about 2-1. It just seems like you're isolating yourself, vs isolating your competition.
  7. Nice story-Thanks for sharing! I definitely can't wait for more!Royal Tour--Nice summary of your trip! I would have been right there with ya!
  8. In the computer security industry we call this a keyboard error, and it is the source behind 99% of all online theft and fraud.A keyboard error occurs when someone without sufficient common sense sits behind a keyboard and begins using a computer. To prevent this from happening, ban that individual from being able to touch a keyboard.Also commonly known as a "PRBKAC" error "Problem resides between keyboard and chair"
  9. 1. Check your firewallWhy doesn't RealPlayer work on my computer at work or from behind a firewall?If you’re on a local area network (LAN) which is attached to the Internet, and are unable to play clips from remote web sites, it’s possible that your company’s firewall is preventing the stream from reaching you. With a firewall in place, users can receive live and on-demand audio and video from the Internet without exposing their LAN to security risks.Firewalls create barriers in order to prevent unauthorized access to a network. Think of the Internet as a series of hallways. Firewalls are the
  10. sorry--too late! I missed it and posted one...I'll kill my last thread.
  11. Check this link out..http://today.reuters.com/investing/finance...-12_N08378383:1Looks like he's gonna do ithttp://fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forums/v...pic.php?t=19226
  12. Hmm...I was thinking I'd see the Nike Swoop and the slogan "Just Do It" at the bottom of this!j/k Great quote. Definitely a great original post. I feel the same way.
  13. lol---hadn't heard that one before....now I have a sudden urge to go out and buy a pocket protector.
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