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  1. Its a showdown, he would still need to show his 2 cards to claim the pot, otherwise chip dumping would be rife.
  2. He also never told Roly to show both cards, you guys are arguing on a made up fact. He implied to Roland that K high was no good. That is the crux of the argument, at what point does it stop becoming a bluff and become straight up cheating.Personally, I think at very best it is extremely unethical and on the border of cheating - you can't bluff on a showdown (or seemingly you can), all action is over.Seriously, who here makes sure all showdowns are carried out in correct order whenever they play? The game would take so much longer than it already does.
  3. I've never played anywhere where that isn't the rule. People tend to just say/muck to speed play up. If you are beat, you are beat just get on with it.What I don't get is why, as this whole play was about being a stickler for the rules, when Q high called Roland we weren't required to see both of his cards once he had shown one. We could identify both of his cards as they weren't released into the muck and the whole argument is about anal rules over etiquette.
  4. Just so you know, Al Jazeera are one of the best news desks out there. They actually cover world issues in a pretty unbiased manner and are essentially the old BBC World middle east office. Some of their stuff will show bias but it is usually from opinion pieces and it will be one of the guests sprouting that nonsense. It is no different from Fox in the US throwing on a right winger to discuss the new health care bill or Sky News bringing on a Tory think tank leader to bash Brown.As for the prisoner release, there is clearly more political motives at work here, and why not. They aren't going t
  5. Why do they celebrate NHL awards in the desert?
  6. 5.45 here but I can't not watch it. Never seen unedited Daniel and its amazing that he really can keep this up.
  7. I love how they act all offended when they wont give an interview. If I had just bust from WSOP the last thing I want to do is talk to that clueless ****.
  8. This English commentator is officially American, check out his bio, he has lived there for long enough. Seriously, we don't want him - does he understand anything that he is seeing?
  9. Def going to be at the next one, don't care what it takes.
  10. Download and use Hotspot Shield to access US only streams. I use it for Hulu all the time.
  11. I personally dislike Barcelona, the whole city is disjointed between the small gothic old square and the vast, spacious 90's construction. Little biased here but Andalucia is the place to be - Sevilla, Granada, Malaga for the culture and great countryside on the travels and the beach is a few hours away.
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