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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Pokerstars is a bad, bad place. But Daniel is an exceptionally magnanimous individual. I'm sure if you PM him and tell him your situation he will email the folks at pokerstars to not only give all your money back but also make so you never lose another hand. One final note, how you lost AA to 77 leaves me quite speechless. I heard that each deck has four 7s but your post only confirms it.
  2. Where is your (sw)?Personal responsibility is so 20th century.
  3. Congrats! Continued success. Player of the year is going to be an interesting but delightful dilemma to have. It would be nice (if the player agrees to it) to have a "well" for the month they are player of the month. Just a thought. How have your friends/family/poker buddies reacted to you winning the bracelet?
  4. Apparently investors like the move.LSE: PRTY.L (party gaming) Stock is up 50 points to $309.50This makes me think the smart money thinks that Barney Frank's bill is going to at least be put to a vote.
  5. Today was Armstrong's best chance to win a stage. He might try again but I'm not so sure. He needed the break to be smaller than it was. Too many guys is not what they needed. Fredrico was in the best position. Three teams had 2 riders so they were playing off each other. Plus, Fredrico has won a stage before. So he knows how to win. Armstrong is not a sprinter and he gave up when he wasn't going to win.Today was a rest day for the rest of the field. This was the big players saying - ok Lance today is your chance to win a stage, after that it's game on and you're not invited.Lance like LeMond
  6. Actually, he probably has a hard-on for Lance.When Versus was called OLN (outdoor life network) the joke was - ONLY LANCE NETWORKEven though he's 40 minutes down on General classification, they still talk about him.I don't think Contador had to wait. If he did it would have only enhanced his image. When he put on the yellow jersey, the French fans booed him. He looked very uncomfortable. You're not supposed to take advantage of a player when they are down. But the mechanical was Andy Schlecks own fault. I think Contador has a real fear that he might win. He has looked very uncomfortable this
  7. Today's stage showed who the real contenders are. Both Schleck and Contador ignored the rest of the field and played cat and mouse with each other. Astana is showing itself to be an exceptionally strong team in the mountain. Tomorrow will be one of the days Schleck attacks. He needs to be at least a minute and half up on Contador if he wants to win the tour.Look for Armstrong to attack early in the stage. He wants to win a stage desperately. He's been sandbagging the last couple of stages not putting in any big efforts.
  8. How do we know this is THE true wolfman50 and not some hacker posing as wolfman50 trying to curry our favor with mea clupa?This sounds fishy or perhaps more appropriately phishy.
  9. Hasan Habib has been on the bottom for like two days. So impressed. I hope he makes it to the final nine. But chances are I just jinxed him. HASSAN HABIB!!!!!!
  10. LOL.Ooops. Would be nice if I actually read my post before hitting send.
  11. 1. Joseph Cheong 24,490,000 2042. Sol Nguyen 23,100,000 1923. Pascal LeFrancois 17,780,000 1484. Jason Senti 13,550,000 1125. Matthew Jarvis 13,300,000 1106. Matt Affleck 12,515,000 1047. Jonathan Duhamel 10,520,000 878. John Racener 10,470,000 879. Filippo Candio 10,020,000 83 only 1 of the top 9 from yesterday stayed in the top 10. I love the guy's name in second place. - Soi Nguyen "So I win" Moneymaker destiny again?
  12. 78 Players Remain. How many do you think of the current top 9 will make it to the November 9?1 Theo Jorgensen 9,295,0002 Michael Mizrachi 7,535,0003 John Racener 7,200,0004 Jonathan Driscoll 6,570,0005 William Thorson 6,525,0006 Matthew Jarvis 6,125,0007 Edward Ochana 5,950,0008 Alexander Kostritsyn 5,715,0009 Cuong Nguyen 5,650,000My guess: 3.
  13. I wonder what his final body fat % ended up being.
  14. Wow, he looks like absolute shit. Ted Forrest doesn't look too good either. How do you file that on your taxes?
  15. Just heard on pokerroad that Harrah's is going to add 56k to the first place so on November 9th one of the November 9 is going to win 9 million dollars.
  16. Thank you for bringing a little crazy into a sane world.
  17. Wow, that's crazy considering the state of the economy and UIEGA. I know that 1c and 1d were closed. If it hits 8k I will be shocked. Happily Shocked.
  18. Did anyone hear how many players they are estimating?5700?
  19. Hesjedal rode a great stage today. He was in the lead group he just didn't have the gas to pull off the win. Since Vande Velde dropped out, I think Ryder has a real shot at finishing in the top 15. Garmin has had a horrible start to the tour. He's been the only bright spot.They had a shot at winning the 1st stage but bad luck kept it from happening.
  20. Marcel,So stoked for you. You've always been a positive guy and great to other posters on the forum. Nice to see one of the good guys bring it home. Enjoy your vacation!Make sure to wear your bracelet through airport security.
  21. I think they are trying to balance it out. with 3 and 4 closed they want more people in days one and two. Hopefully, there won't be a major f-up like last year.Go go go Wily E Coyote!I got a tweet from KevMath that day one had 1,100 players and that was before late registers.
  22. Sending good vibes your way.Take this shit down.
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