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  1. Thanks for the advice. I've tried being more aggressive and have somewhat better luck. Also, I've found my tight play early on has allowed be to semi-bluff when the big stack raises me. I have been able to steal the pot often on a re-reaise-guess they're thinking I have something big, since I've been playing only premium hands early on. I just need to learn to pick and choose a little better when to go all in.
  2. Hello,I am fairly new to the game (about 3-4 months). Am playing on party poker, just for play cash, as well as playing in a few home games. When I play single table tournaments on pp, I am guaranteed to place 2nd about 90% of the time. I've literally placed second about 20 of 23 times. I play tight and agressive, and can survive untill the final three or four, even knocking multiple players out on big hands. When I get to heads up my game falls apart. I try not to let bigger stacks bowl me over with their agression, but whenever I call or raise, it seems like I'm making the wrong decisi
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