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  1. Just won a seat worth $1060 -- does FTP allow for the sale or transfer of seats? Can I take cash value? If not, I guess I'll represent FCP there :)Thanks in advance
  2. How u guessed it I'll never know
  3. Using single letter replacement, can u guess who the famous poker player is?AQEZ QPZZDXIQI bet no one guesses (SW)
  4. I usually buy in for $100 the 1st of the month and grind out $25NL tables playing pretty tight and very aggressive. I'll play until I am broke (actually pretty rare at the lowest levels, but it happens) or I have $600. Then I move up to $50NL tables until I have $1K, and then stick with $100NL until the end of the month and repeat. I don't take a lot of chances and play very tight, so for me 10-12 buy-ins works VERY well. I try to get all in as a huge favorite and don't push a lot of small edges. Although it is tough to maximize profits by doing this, it is easy to be a winning player (I
  5. There is no such thing as Poker Luck in the long term, just make sure your bankroll can sustain a few hits. Last night I got beat in 3 pots with set over set in 224 hands. I was VERY lucky to hit 3 sets in that time, and VERY unlucky to lose to bigger sets each time. Such is life, I ended up logging 600 more hands and making a few bucks for the night. Granted 1K hands is NOT long term, but my 21K hands for this month so far have treated me very well.
  6. http://theredpill98.blogspot.com/VERY entertaining.
  7. This is a fantastic point and should be highlighted! If you are a good post flop player, then you can mix up the starting hands accordingly. If you are not a strong post flop player, then save yourself $ by playing tight preflop to avoid trouble. Just remember, there are many times when folding something like 9-7 suited after a flop is correct, however, after a raise preflop you are getting pretty good odds to call a small bet -- plus you are getting information.I am willing to play almost any two cards preflop to a raise (from the right player) because I know I can wreck them postflop if I
  8. I think people are misunderstanding what the House and Senate are passing into law. They are only directing that financial institutions should be blocked from giving online sites money (much like the E-Gaiming act passed years ago that says online casinos cannot accept $ from the same institutions). So there can be no penalty for a gamer playing the game, the penalty lies with the financial institution that 'allowed' the transaction. If you are a winning player, don't withdraw the entire BR and keep pokering
  9. IMO --> In my opinionIMHO --> In my humble opinionSW --> Sarcasm WarningOP --> Original Poster (of the thread)TP/MM --> Turn Pro/Make MillionsThats all u need to know here (SW)
  10. Not sure how many people read NeverwinPoker but a similar thing happened there (to a much larger scale). The person in question had gotten staked close to $30,000 by different people on the site, all the while telling each one not to discuss their staking with other people (private matter, etc...). It basically went like this:Borrow $100 --> Pay back $200Borrow $500 from same guy --> Pay back someBorrow $2K from same guy --> Lie to them for months at a time promising that they will get paid back, go on to the next guy.Well this guy (Fminc) ended up scamming people out of HUGE amoun
  11. The biggest leak in a NL game is the cards you are seeing a flop with, this is especially true in a 6-handed game or otherwise short game. Hands like KQ, QJ, AJ, etc... can get you into serious trouble if you play too overly aggressive. When you have the best hand, try to milk money out of them (as opposed to shoving it all in the middle). If you get re-raised then you can still get away with some $ left. Watch for the guy that calls an all in with only TPTK and wait until you have 2 pair or better against him and get all the money in. I usually am looking for a 80% better chance to win b
  12. People like this clown give ammunition to the House/Senate passing anti-gambling laws. However, I like this guy because he helped me buy a boat, a truck, and some killer arcade games
  13. In the 0.10/0.25 NL I am at 13 BB/100In the 0.25/0.50 NL I am at 8.5 BB/100In the 0.50/1.00 NL I am at 7.7 BB/100
  14. Yeah, after 200K hands I am winning 78% at showdown. I certainly have built a nice BR doing this, but want to be sure I am not missing out on monies.
  15. Haven't seen one of these in a while, but I know people are wondering. Here is some advice.1) When you don't have to ask 'What kind of Bankroll do I need to play XX'2) When you DON"T call someone a donkey for them hitting a one-outer3) When you lose your whole stack to a miracle and gleefully laugh, because you really don't give a crap, since you are up so much on your other 5 tables4) When your bankroll far exceeds your retirement plan $5) When you can't remember the last time you played in a game with too much risk on your bankroll6) When you muck AA on the turn/river and have No Doub
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