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  1. I like nl because I can play some caaads. I wana see some flops and mix it up. I could care less what is more "skillful" in someones eyes, especially biased eyes.
  2. Who cares what is "more skillfull." Theres no way you could possibly know that Napoleon. Besides all being more skillful means is trying to find pride in which game you play. Who cares, make money. If someone takes a bad bet with me theres no skill involved in me taking it. Just learn to play all games well.
  3. There are still people who don't think online poker is rigged? Your joking right?
  4. Wow. I just tried it, except I broadened it to include limit. It worked amazingly!! I didn't lose one cent. And I managed to beat Mega Man X again while I was DNAing it. I must recommend it. Its easily worth the 40 dollars for the ebook.
  5. Ya you dumb sonofabitch I can't believe you kept going all in with the best of it. Learn to play better and stop posting your bad beat stories, they're not even that, they're bad play stories.
  6. Actually thats really different. That was in a tournament where people dont want to go all in and it was all pushing preflop. I believe "smash's strategy" entails hitting sets and getting paid off huge when your opponent is drawing close to dead. Along with pushing AA/KK hard and trying to make nut str8s and flushes and get paid off big.
  7. Did people seriously not realize this worked before Smash posted it? This wasn't the first thing people thought of playing nl online? Bodog nls are very soft so it works suprisingly far up.
  8. So your thinking lead the turn and fold to a raise most likely?
  9. The MP that was calling all the bets I really thought he was going to put a raise in with the 10.
  10. I know, something went terribly wrong with converter.
  11. I think I should have lead the turn and maybe folded the river but I thought he could be betting QQ or KK because I showed weakness on the turn.Party Poker 10/20 Hold'em (10 handed) converterPreflop: Hero is SB with [Ac], [As]. 4 folds, MP2 calls, MP3 calls, Button calls.Flop: (13 SB) [Th], [Tc], [Js] (4 players)Hero bets, MP2 calls, MP3 folds, Button calls.Turn: (11.50 BB) [4c] (3 players)Hero checks, MP2 checks, Button bets, Hero calls, MP2 calls.River: (14.50 BB) [Jh] (3 players)Hero checks, MP2 checks, Button bets, Hero calls, MP2 calls.Final Pot: 17.50 BBI think thats better
  12. That girl is hot Jayson, screw pros
  13. Very true. Glad I don't go crazy after a big cash. I ussually cash about half of it out for other stuff and just pad the roll with the rest. I'm sure a lot blow it all tryin to double it though.
  14. NOW HE CAN BUY TONS OF CRACK!!!I'm so sick of stuipd posts like this and about him in prison and random homosexual comments. Seriously people need to shut up so bad... It just pains me...
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