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  1. I live in Reno, NV and go to Las Vegas about 4 or 5 times a year. I’ve played in some of the larger mixed games at the bellagio, but am looking for smaller stakes. I know that the venetian used to have a regular 6-12 mix on Saturdays, but learned that this game is now not regular and rare. Are there any low or mid-limit, regular or semi-regular, mix games in las vegas? Also, I am looking for a regular low to mid limit seven card stud 8/b, stud hi/lo regular, 2-7 tripple draw, or badugi in vegas as well.Basically I need any information on any regular non HE cash games (except for Omaha 8/b, I t
  2. Does anyone know of any good places to play live poker in the Caribbean? Also, can anyone let me know about any Caribbean poker cruises (besides cardplayer, I know that this is the best one, but I have scheduling conflicts). Trans-atlantic poker cruises would be fine as well. Thanks,
  3. Looking for card room in the US that spreads lowball – preferably 15-30 and under. Also wondering if there are any dealers choice games being spread under 15-30 limit. I imagine that California would be the place most likely to have anything like this.
  4. That’s what I thought originally too, I was told that this did happen with no success. Omaha hi/lo can sometimes be very difficult to deal/play/understand at times even for the most experienced of players (all make mistakes), but this along with the fact that the popularity of poker has heightened demand for personnel at poker rooms - most are not properly trained on anything else besides hold’em - makes the situation ripe for serious blunders…and makes this situation somewhat believable and unsurprising
  5. On first thought, I decided that it was entirely unacceptable to go to an outside source for a ruling as well…but consider that this was not one of the ‘grey areas’, or sometime subjective parts of live poker play…this was as simple as deciding who has the best hand…and if someone is actually becoming victim to the incompidence of more than on employees…then I think it’s a different story. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it were me, or had I been at that table….
  6. I was playing Omaha 8/b last night at a local casino in Reno, NV and I started talking to another player who was in town from Southern California. We started talking about Omaha in the California card rooms and he claimed that Commerce was a place that was spreading a lot of Omaha 8/b. And then he told the table about an occurrence at a 10/20 omaha 8/b game at Commerce that he witnessed. Now, obviously all of this information is hear/say, but this is interesting enough for me to pass along:A hand with a considerable amount of action went to a showdown between two players. The pot was around $4
  7. It's his responsibility to observe the table...it is not your responsibility to fill him in on information that he missed. For anyone who thinks that "lying" was unethical...would it be unethical to not answer at all?...
  8. Are there live satellites for all events of the WSOP at the Rio? If so, when do they generally begin in relation to the particular event?
  9. Yeah, the tournament chips at any casino are purposely very different than the cash game chips. As for my original question, the 25k chip is the highest chip denomination at Bellagio. In the book, those chips were a very cranberry-like, red color and were called "cranberries."I thought that perhaps the Bellagio had circulated new brown color 25k chips or something...or Craig, the author, had it wrong from the start.
  10. DN is referring to the Bellagio's $25,000 chip as "peanuts"...but i'm pretty sure that in The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide king, it said that a Bellagio $25,000 chip were called "cranberries" because of their distinct color.Were the chips changed or something?
  11. Interesting point. What if, however, you were playing in a 20-40 timed game (or time-pot game) and there were no rake implications. Would your opinion change?
  12. Poker rooms in Nevada allow five total bets on each betting street (one bet and four raises) for all limit games. Other places around the country only allow four total bets (one bet and three raises) on each betting street for limit games. Can anyone make a case for why one might be better over the other? If you were setting the rules at a poker room, which policy would you choose and why?
  13. Boredom gets the best of me at a live table as well…especially if you are playing with people who do not provide interesting conversation. The best thing, I think, to do is to pay close attention and to mentally get involved in every hand. I try to put players on their exact holdings, or at the very least, try to determine their general skill level and/or playing styles. It is important to keep your head in the game because I do find that I am creating more of an edge for myself by using the information that I’ve gathered.
  14. ...exclusive online players not knowing simple rules are one of the reasons dealers are having a hard time at the live tables.
  15. Omaha split at the Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, NJ. My hand - AQ34Opponent’s hand AQXX Board Q42 2 XNo qualifying low…dealer starts to split the pot. Me: what are you doing? I have the best hand.Dealer and entire table: You both have the same hand. Two Pair, Queens and duces, ace kicker.Me: I have Queens and Fours…Dealer and Table (screaming). SAME HAND SEE!!, SAME HAND..QUEENS AND DUCES QUEENS AND DUCES!!Me: I have queens and fours…………..Dealer and Table: QUEENS AND DUCES! SAME HAND!Thank god there was another guy who is experienced and respected who had to point out to the dealer, and to the oth
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