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  1. Just wondering when the actual tournament is?
  2. Ok, I've been away from poker for a little while and decided I should grab a few shows to watch. I grabbed HSP and a couple of episodes of Poker After Dark, both of which had DN in them. I noticed the problem right away and it started grating on my nerves. By the time I watched the third show with DN I had to stop watching. I know it's going to sound real stupid but I couldn't handle the amount of times he said "good" when it should have been "well"."I'm playing real good today""I played that hand real good""He did that good"URG!!!!!Please, please, if you read this DN, and I'm sure you won
  3. This may be a real stupid question but what's stopping a Canadian company from creating a portal for US players? They could handle the bank transfers and reroute the traffic so it would be coming from a Canadian IP.
  4. I agree, that it's just like tossing a coin. Maybe they could just add a quick 3 second spot twice a show to say what the players have made or lost on their props.
  5. I believe that he was just saying they "should" stop props, not that they were going to. I think they should make them a bigger part of the show!
  6. Oh man that was a great story. Any one else have stories like this? It truly made my day.
  7. Ok, this is a serious questoin and I'm hoping to get some helpfull responses. I've been wondering just how long should I be staying at a table online. Lately I go to a table and stay either untill I loose all the money I have at the table or untill I have at least doubled up. I've noticed thought that a lot of people seem to have trippled up or even more. If I'm doing well, just how long should I stick around?Thanks
  8. I understand that poker games don't get the best reviews but this is the site that gave the WPT game a %70.
  9. Ouchhttp://pc.ign.com/articles/710/710993p1.html
  10. As in, only an American could be that rude.
  11. Wow, gotta love how nice people are on here. I can feel the love!!! Must be an American.
  12. http://pc.ign.com/articles/710/710012p1.html
  13. I used it there for over 60k hands and never had an issue. Bad site for datamining because you can only have one window open at a time.
  14. I wouldn't say that the "first generation" of videogamers are just turning the legal age. I'm 30 and I'm not even the first generation of videogamers. Videogames have been around for 25 - 30 years now.
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