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  1. Since the preflop raiser had 10$ in front of him I didn't expect a continuation bet on the flop. Normally I go for the check raise here, but I wasn't sure that a bet was going to happen behind me and my hand was perilous. So I potted it, the initial raiser and next three players folded, the last player left in the hand called.What do you think he had in his hand? Just going by his call (at this point there is 16$ in the pot and we each have 17$ left).Are there any cards on 4th street that you check fold to?
  2. I know that I said I would stop playing from the small blind, but I got my favorite "could catch a flop really well" omaha hand. QJT8. there was a guy giving some money away, I just hit him hard and doubled up through him. He pre-flop raised(which he did way too often) here and I had to see the flop. 5 saw it, 5$ in the pot, I have 23.30$ still in my stack.Getting Hand History Information...----------------------------------------------------------------Hand #9174198-793 at Nacka (Pot Limit Omaha)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 24/Oct/05 01:30:08 Flexi Digit is at seat 0 with $11.45.
  3. I love to just call there before the flop.This flop hit you very well. I love a small raise - not necesarily a min raise, but maybe to 2.25 or something. This gives you an opportunity to see a free card. A ton of cards help you, any 3, any heart, any ace. You will have the temp nuts with all of those cards, so the little raise gets the pot bigger and gives you a chance to get that free card.Oh, I just looked and an ace wouldn't give you temporary nuts, 34 would be, but you can check there too on 4th street.
  4. that was some bad beat you put on him there, catching that jack...but it worked, now straighten out. gl
  5. This is where position helps the most. Potting the flop is a great idea. Getting that call tells you that KJ is out there, IMO. The bet on the flop gives you your free card when you don't make your hand on 4th street. Check 4th street and give yourself every a chance to make your full house. He doesn't check raise you on the flop with 2 cards to come, he makes sure 4th street is a brick and then gets his money in, which is the correct strategy, IMO.You must check the turn.
  6. I just think that the tighter I play preflop the smaller the variance will be in the hands that I do play.
  7. I am trying to play really tight preflop, premium hands, but everytime I check my %'s after a few hours I am in the 40-50% range. This worries me. But I have been able to recently fold nearly every hand I get in the SB, hopefully that will help get me into the 30's which is where I want to be.
  8. the thing that I like about gaps, though, is that when the flop fills it your hand is much more powerful... say you hold 5 7 8 9 and the flop comes 4 6 K you have a huge draw(16 cards for the nuts twice). Whereas is you have 5 6 7 8 and the flop comes 3 4 K your draw isn's as good (13 outs twice). Granted it is less likely to fill that gap, but it is a stronger hand. I just think that the gap at the top - 5 6 7 9 is awful because the 9 doesn't help you with nut straights that often (would need a 568 and you have no straight redraw).
  9. well you made second nuts, I guess I am assuming he had k7 and they were no good?If you preflop raise with AA and he *knows* that you have aces then he thinks that the bet on the flop is a continuation and that you have missed the flop. He just needs a king to do that, when that happens you have him dominated(with your ace kicker, assuming he doesn't have it also - but he could have you with As with a spade flush draw with the king). If you can put him on 77 then you should fold - 6 outs not worth it to chase.hope some of this helped.
  10. thanks a buch for responding you three. That helped a lot.I had never hear that before TJ, to look at it like 6 hands, that helps immensely. Kinda shows why hands like 6677 double suited aren't that great... because the overlap doesn't matter.Another question on something I call a reverse dangler. It is where a hand is low like 5h 6h 7s Asthat is a pretty good hand too right. I mean looking for a straight - obviously - but you also have the ace high flush possibility. Should this hand be avioded more or just played cautiously and in position.Another question altogether is somtimes I get h
  11. but shouldn't a dangler have no use?
  12. I am just curious as to who loses the most there, who wins the most there, etc.Does anyone follow that game enough to know? Players I have seen there include: (possibly or probably mispelled)Crazyplayer (mimi or barry) Dill PickleMulberryThe giftArbitraryCaptain AhabThe count17291D1OT6 feet underZaklishHarley11please help add names too, if you know some that are not listed here.thanks
  13. I am unsure about danglers... all jokes aside. I mean I know not to play them, but what about...say you have As Kc Qc 2s, do you have one in this case? is it not a dangler when it is attached to the nut flush draw?thanks in advance
  14. Hand #9129814-1 at SnG-0095d (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 20/Oct/05 20:08:51 EVERYONE HAS 1500 in chips snaggle: -- -- driverjoe27: -- -- jwhitf4770: -- -- yankeessuck77: -- -- Yagaiki: -- -- Josiahs: -- -- donquixote: -- -- chuckalope1: -- -- antedumb: Kc As hevusa69: -- --Pre-flop: yankeessuck77 folds. Yagaiki calls. Josiahs folds. donquixote folds. chuckalope1 raises to 90. antedumb re-raises to 160. hevusa69 folds. snaggle folds. driverjoe27 folds. jwhit
  15. BB I have 6 6 7s 5s, flop comes 6s 6 8s.I have quads with an open ended straight flush draw. I didn't hit the straight flush, I didn't need to. I don't even think I got action in the hand. But to answer your question, yes I have.
  16. at that limit I pot it. like above said, get KJ, or in a worse case AKJ9 to commit. You could be against bottom and middle set here, in that case you need KJ+ out, because they are taking your FH outs away. Potting it screams top set to me, which is what you want them to know. Calling is a bad play IMO.
  17. I put it here not to annoy anyone else, just people looking to read/comment on other people having a rough time (like getting bad beat).For that Omaha Tournament I finished 12th, 2 out of the money. Flopped a huge wrap straight draw and tried to bet the initial raiser out, he was just trying to steal with J998, blanks fell and IGHN. I was a fav on the flop and if I win that hand I am in second salivating with the final table soon to come. Instead I am broke, giving up poker for money online and in deep depression mode, but that is normal with me, not poker induced. Physics test tomorrow, I
  18. ok, I am in the top ten with 17 remaining, til you how this turns out.
  19. villian had A5 of hearts, flush came on the river.
  20. Last night I was playing in a 10+1 NLH tournament on UB. 210 entered, top 30 got paid.I am 30th in chips with 34 players remaining and I get AK of clubs. There was an ep min raise just before I was to act. I had 3000 chips and the blinds were 150/300. So I could have waited, but I pushed and was called. What hands would you fold here as the villian? He bet 600 making the pot 1050, I raised 3000. So he had to call 2400 to win a 6350. But my all in should say something. Would you fold a weak ace here? How about K+anything.Today I played in a 30 seat tournament, reached the final table
  21. Yeah I started one but now it's outdated.AHA! This was really a scammer thread!! All to get us to go to the NewAgePoker blogs!!!SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!I think if that was the case, he'd have spelled jayson right.d'oh
  22. thanks Kurtedit - how about a few more blogs man! That goes for the rest of you with a blog @ JasonWeber.com
  23. I just completed a bonus for a poker chip set through PSO at Full Tilt, it took me less than a day to get 200 full tilt points. I played mostly .25/.50 PLO and finished around even - the cards were mostly dry.Anyways I want to play basically the same game to clear the bonus(PLO) but I want to get poker tracker this time. I would also like to do this as quickly as possible, and at the best site. So which would be the easiest of the following?PokerRoom - 400 PokerRoom player pointsAbsolute Poker - 400 raked handsParadise Poker - 750 paradise pointsTitan Poker - 3500 titan poker pointsBodog -
  24. So who won? I just read through the rest of this thread, did I miss it? I hope it wasn't Panella86, but let me know who got it please.
  25. Vendetta -- half the chips, 3.5 mil
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