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  1. vs AKAK ds you still have 47% expected equity - due to mostly splitting the pot tying. vs AAKQ ds you have 48% equityvs AAQJ ds you have 48% equityvs QJQJ ds you are 57% to winvs AKQJ ds you are 67% to winvs JT98 ds you are 60% to winvs 9988 ds you are 61% to winvs 9987 ds you are 61% to winAnd all of the above are double suited and not in your two suits (which would be rare).I don't know how else to say that no hand has you in trouble (pot odds wise)EP puts in 388, you put in 388, the pot has 836 in it so you have put 46% of that money in. Get your money in with the best of it, if you can w
  2. what is a promo raise? sorry if this is a dumb question.
  3. your not a dog to much at all, there is 60$ extra in the pot, this move works. Although the last two times I made this move(aces ds) the villian spiked his trips QQ, and 33 respectively. Did that happen to you? What was villians hand?
  4. Hand #9174322-7484 at Burnaby (Pot Limit Omaha 8/B)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 10/Nov/05 17:22:25 bigbenxx is at seat 0 with $19.80. Tristans Mana is at seat 1 with $23.15. antedumb is at seat 2 with $6.55. Starpukie is at seat 3 with $11.50. Nevada City is at seat 4 with $26.10. stewby is at seat 5 with $8.15. redbirds is at seat 6 with $4.05. Countrylawyer is at seat 7 with $27.60. phrog49 is at seat 8 with $28.80. markare is at seat 9 with $14.40. The button is at seat 7. phrog49 posts the small blind of $.10. markare posts the
  5. geez, my bad. It's a lot easier when you are playing versus responding to a post you read 20 minutes ago. But yeah, I was wrong, my bad. Anyways, if you pot the flop you will be probing for information. If you get raised you have to toss it, if not you take down the pot. If you get called, assess from then on out from what cards come. Right smash?
  6. crazy thing happened. Fish lost with QQ to 22 with a 2 on the river. He had less than the BB. Went all in with AT, SB completed, BB raised 4x BB. What did he have? Large pocket pair? AK? No, the all powerfull 10-6. The other guy folded the winner and one more double up later Fish had 10 BB. He ended up going out in 6th. It was interesting to watch him go so crazy. He had 200,000 and the next highest was 100,000 and he donked it all away in 2 hands with 11 players remaining. He could have just sat on it a sec and breezed to a good cash and a high chance of first. But such is is styl
  7. in Omaha there is a saying, that the best possible hand is usually out there. That is something you need to remember!Anyways, this is a check fold, for example, if you are playing against 3 people. Say you check, the next guy pots it, the next guy re-pots it. What are they telling you about their hands? It is very easy to guess what they have(unless they are stupid, anf you can find better places to get your money in with them). One guy has 55 for the small boat and current nuts(because we know the other guy can't have quads) and the other guy has AT. Your KT is 3rd best and looking awf
  8. You must check call the flop. Your hand is not good at all, yet. When a jack comes you have second nuts. On the flop you have a tenuous third nuts with two to come. Check raising here is a very bad idea.
  9. well you played every street right in my book. You can only be beaten by JJ. You might want to check raise on 4th street if you know he is going to bet, plus you have 2 overcards if he has JT. If you lose to JJ that is poker.
  10. What hands will you go all in preflop(meaning raising a re-raise, etc)Is is ok to go with a low hand against one player? For instance if you have A, K, 2s, 3s ... is that an all in hand? I would suppose not, but curious.Do you just want to play Aces ds, 2 high pair, etc? Or other high cards AKQJ ds? Do you stay away from low hand because the low only gets there 60% and you just split the pot many of those times?
  11. my critique... for what it's worth...You were the most active player at the table. You stayed out of the chip leaders way and anyone that could hurt you, which was good. I think you just preflop rasied too many times, instead of waiting back a little more. Your stack fluxuated a bunch because of it, but once you got to 70,000 (the blinds were 2,000 and 4,000 I think) I really thought you would slow down. I saw you as wreckless in your bets, so I assume that the other players did as well. Your standards for preflop raise with a comfortable amount of BB's left might need to be looked at. I
  12. finished 6th, lost to a royal flush.$650 for his trouble.
  13. 6 left, 70k, in 4th but close to everyone
  14. up to 56k, knocked on person out
  15. he is still at average, 42,000. In 4th place at the moment, still 10 remaining
  16. nearing the final table, he is in 4th right now, playing wellstrike that, reverse it. The final table has begun.
  17. I don't like the raise at all, but since you played it and hit a big drawing hand then you have to go for it. There was dead chips in the pot too, so that lessens the mistake. If you are going to raise with that preflop these things can happen, and they do.Playing it cheaply gives you a chance to make your hand and get the other guy all in drawing to a few outs. Say a T comes on the turn. You call the BB, he had preflop bet - you called, he bet the flop - you called - he bet the turn(you now have a set and the current nut straight), then you check raise him all in - while you had the best
  18. How bad is this too?Getting Hand History Information...----------------------------------------------------------------Hand #9173720-12789 at Pinole (Pot Limit Omaha 8/B)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 06/Nov/05 01:02:16 gboldt is at seat 0 with $3.55. cyn is at seat 1 with $4.21. Raise it is at seat 2 with $5.08. pokerius is at seat 3 with $.84. jedEyeMndTrk is at seat 4 with $1. Rambo49 is at seat 5 with $.65. The Hulk 10 is at seat 6 with $1.57. kennethnn is at seat 7 with $5.68. Raise-n-Fold is at seat 8 with $2.52. antedumb is at seat 9 with $1.10
  19. Did I play this right? I am playing O/8 for the first time. I have read a bunch of things in the forum, just trying to get better...Hand #9173720-12771 at Pinole (Pot Limit Omaha 8/B)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 06/Nov/05 00:37:01 gboldt: -- -- -- -- cyn: -- -- -- -- Raise it: -- -- -- -- Rambo49: -- -- -- -- The Hulk 10: -- -- -- -- kennethnn: -- -- -- -- antedumb: 4s 2h Ah KsPre-flop: The Hulk 10 folds. kennethnn calls. antedumb raises to $.08. gboldt folds. cyn calls. Raise it folds. Rambo49 calls. kennethnn
  20. Yeah, I am awful at it. I guess that begs the question, who wins shorthanded PLO?
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