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  1. all the jacks are clean if villain doesnt have AQ.i probably get it in here.
  2. if villain wants to play a big pot with Axhh he will find a raise easily on the flop--i myself enjoy playing big pots with the nuts from time to time.
  3. hand 1if the tag in question very very infrequently 3-bets with AK or TT- in this spot mucking is viablehand 2 as played i fold here and announce "nines are good"
  4. call turn and probably call riverjust in case spike the Ac on fifth
  5. dont knock rebuy tournies
  6. hero felt like gambling and pushed. i was not hero this hand but someone not involved in this hand at the table.UTG had KJo, and one of the early callers had 88 and called. hero flushed on the river and won the potsomething i thought i would point out -- if you are pushing here (which is pretty tenuous even if your reads are quite solid) position doesnt play a big role in the hand at all really.
  7. blinds 1/2, 200 max buyinthis game runs once a week and normally it is 2/5, 1000 max.many of the regulars at this game dont adapt and play it like 2/59 handed, everyone has at least 200 going into this handhero just bought in 3 hands agoUTG opens for $45and there are 4 callers of this raise.folded to hero in BB with Ac9c [200 behind]reads:utg - beating him currentlyother villains - anything, excluding AA-JJif we push - utg is definitely coming along. probably a dominating ace, or a pocket pair like 8s will come along w/ UTG. utg has something like KQ.this game plays pretty passively post flo
  8. Most of the time they will not card you.An underage friend of mine will walk into the casino pretending to be deeply engaged in a conversation on his cell phone.Three friends of mine have been carded and were asked to leave immediately, but all of them got to keep their money/chips.If you get caught it depends on the floor and how they are feeling and your reaction.
  9. didn't read replies.we are wa/wb, i like checking and seeing what happens.if turn does not get checked behind i call or fold depending on bet size and player
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