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  1. If I have Ac3c on a 4c5c9x board then I have 9/37 chance to make a flush against 5 opponents....Wise man!
  2. I don't think I have ever seen a more meaningless topic.True
  3. I would vote for TenEight or Zimmer ( who should be up there in my opinion )Pokershare is currently closed, but is planning to reopen and keep the sharepoints scheme when it reopens.Royal Tour, it's been a long time since we have spoken. You should take some time off work !
  4. Why did you cap the flop?Surely call the 3-bet, call turn, call river is a far better line.If you cap he may fold A3, AK, AQ, A2, K3, but when he beats you he makes more.How can you lead out the turn?
  5. Look at odds, I would call if it was 65/35 in a heartbeat...
  6. :shock: "but rhino have four legs"
  7. Calm down children.... Anyone would think this was France.
  8. It was obviously Daniel Negreanu, shocking player....
  9. i'm pretty sure cocksucking counts as manual labor.So is that why your mom makes so much money?! nice hand
  10. http://www.pokershare.com/pages/page338.phpTrue2 / True3I just play one table
  11. True3 is the name, had no hands yet.Congrats on the win
  12. I won the 3 dollar rebuys earlier, got a TEC and now im in the 100+9
  13. yeh i worked it out after i posted, just wondered what the limitations for its use were its just the equivalent of T$100.
  14. I have a TEC which I won in the 3+0 rebuy tournament on UB today,how exactly can I use this, and what for?
  15. Ahhhh.This explains you being completely delusional about that hand Good luck. Get that seat.:Dmay have been on tilt from a good session.Played 24k hands of 1/2 over the last 3 days and am +1200 or so.I felt I was playing pretty good, reading everyone perfectly. Guess I may have got lucky on this one, but I think only hands are :KT (9) : JhQh (1)Good enough to raise the river.Maybe I was wrong but I think AK would have raised PF and capped flop, AT may have raised PF and capped flop, A6 capped flop or called flop raised turn.Because no raised PF he thought his T was fine until was 3-bet so c
  16. You should get out of the house. :-) http://www.pokershare.com/pages/page338.phpmy names are True2 and True3, gotta win WPT seat before leaving house, except to get to the casino !!!Holy censored.Don't leave the house. Don't sleep. Don't even post here. Just play poker.Good luck getting that seat.Thats what I been doing, I am generating about 2000 UB points / day playing from 10 am to 4 am . Been some crazy sessions all between 5 and 15k hands / day
  17. You should get out of the house. :-) http://www.pokershare.com/pages/page338.phpmy names are True2 and True3, gotta win WPT seat before leaving house, except to get to the casino !!!
  18. Because Royal Tour asked me to post it and call it "Perfect?"Oh, I know poker is played over tens of thousands of hands. Ive played 24000 in the last 3 days....
  19. Raise in BB with AQ os vs 3 opponents? Would you raise in BB of long-handed game with AQ os with 2 limpers + sb complete when UTG and UTG + 1 limp?Yes, every time. There isn't an arguement here.Because AQ off suit looks good ?If you look at the hands that I processed through Cardplayer it is quite easy to see that we are not a huge favourite given the other players holding marginal hands. We are OOP and we are building a pot that will most of the time require us to peel incorrectly on the flop. We are committed to at least a continuation bet or call on the flop incorrectly/correctly unsuredly.
  20. AQ os vs T9 / 22 / A4s is 25%, I think this is a fair generalisation of hands that we are against the majority of the time. I don't think our edge is that big.AQ vs T9 / K4 / 78 is 29%AQ vs 33 / T3 / J7 is 30%AQ vs AK / T9 / J7 is 16%AQ vs KQ / 76 / 66 is 26%Not very many edges here, and this is giving some ludicrous UTG and UTG + 1 calling hands.
  21. That's ridiculous.I called river because he could have had AK after 3-betting, I was skeptical due to the limp PF though. All other streets point to KT however.
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