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  1. I just DL'd PokerTracker a few weeks ago. I haven't fully gone through it in detail yet, but one thing immediately jumped out at me in terms of a hole in my game. I have always liked hands involving a Q but I noticed that the 2 hands that I've lose the most money with out of all the hands I routinely play are Q-10 offsuit, followed by Q-9 offsuit. Needless to say, those hands are going to be played a lot less frequently by me. I'm also behind a lot on QJ offsuit and Q-10 suited. Obviously I'm playing those hands too much and/or not playing them well when I have them and it's definitely in
  2. He had top pair, four to the flush, an overcard, and is getting 2-1 to call if you move in - he's calling. In his mind he's probably the favorite in that hand. Tough beat but not much you can do.
  3. Chris Moneymaker [ Results | Stats ] 28-Sep-04 $ 6,000 No Limit Hold'em Final Day2004 Ultimatebet.com Poker Classic, Palm Beach 18th $ 13,000 03-Sep-04 € 5,710 Episode 5The Gaming Club World Poker Championship (Pot Limit Hold'em), Dublin 10th 03-Aug-04 $ 300 Pot Limit Hold'emThe Fourth Annual Jack Binion Mid-America Poker Classic, Tunica 3rd $ 10,239 19-May-04 $ 5,000 Pot Limit Omaha35th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2004, Las Vegas 10th $ 21,000 03-Mar-04 $ 5,000 WPT No Limit Hold'em Championship Final Day2004 - Bay 101 Shooting Star, San Jose 2nd $ 2
  4. Greg Raymer Stonington, CT[ Results | Stats | Gallery ] 18-Apr-05 $ 25,000 Main Event (WPT) - No Limit Hold'em ChampionshipThird Annual Five-Star World Poker Classic, Las Vegas 33rd $ 47,180 05-Jan-05 $ 7,800 WPT Main Event - No Limit Hold'em2005 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Paradise Island 32nd $ 13,000 01-Sep-04 No Limit Hold'em - Tournament of ChampionsWorld Series of Poker Tournament of Champions, Las Vegas 5th 06-Aug-04 € 5,710 Episode 1The Gaming Club World Poker Championship (Pot Limit Hold'em), Dublin 4th 22-May-04 $ 10,000 World Championship
  5. I have had some good runs playing drunk at 4am after going out on a Saturday night. I think if you're a somewhat tight player, being buzzed/drunk opens up your game and makes you more aggressive. You're also often playing against other drunk players if it's late on a weekend night or something so if you do things well when drunk, it can really pay off.I now keep the chat feature off on every site I play because I can't take the immaturity and stupid comments anymore, but I remember one time on Party a year or two ago - I guess it was an especially rough Saturday night and I must have really
  6. If you have money in other accounts, you can withdraw them to your netteller account pretty quickly and then deposit them somewhere else. I've withdrawn from Party to Neteller and it takes a couple hours only and that money is then free to use at another casino.
  7. ???1) Ivey has 4 WSOP bracelets and did win a $10,000 buy-in event last year. 2) Scotty has 4 WSOP bracelets including a main event.3) Juanda has 3 WSOP bracelets and won several smaller tournaments last year.4) Harrington won a WSOP main event in additional to making the final table the previous 2 years.I think all these guys have more than demonstrated an ability to win. You're not going to beat 8 players and win every single final table you're in.
  8. Ivey has made the final table at FOUR STRAIGHT major tournaments ($10,000 buy-in or above). When you think about all the different ways you can get knocked out of a tournament on bad luck or losing races, let alone having to navgiate your way through a top field of 400 players - to do it 4 times in a row is staggering!
  9. HOH is definitely a great book and it makes a lot of sense b/c Harrington is somewhat of a conservative player so his logic is sound and easy to comprehend. I think it's a lot easier to imagine playing his game than some of the others b/c of his style so it's makes for an insightful read. My only complaint with the book is that it seems kinda silly the way he presents the examples involving other people (ie - "the correct play here is to raise to 300, but the participant actually raised to 700 which is far too much but here's what happened anyway" or "since the board paired kings on the turn
  10. It's not surprising to imagine. At the end of the day a number of these guys are really just compulsive gamblers even if they happen to be good poker players. Too much time in a casino, an obsessive personality, and poor money management can take down many good players.
  11. If the money is an issue, then you take the money. $10,000 is a NICE amount. It's not like you're talking about 500 bucks or something. The odds of making substantially more than 10k in the WSOP this year are extremely small no matter how good you are and while no doubt it's a great experience, that's an awfully big price to pay for a great experience if your financial situation is tight.
  12. 99-TT-JJ. J-10 (when you hit top pair but have no draws with it)
  13. The person who asked me is a girl who in college who was just introduced to poker. To her 50 bucks is a lot of money to lose - especially while she's first learning how to play. I think she'd rather put in 20 bucks or something and play microlimits...
  14. A friend of mine just asked me which sites they can begin with for under $50. Apparently Party Poker requires a $50 minimum deposit. Anyone know which ones, if any, don't require that?
  15. I just got an email back from them saying you can't unregister. I HATE that. I was in the middle of a satellite (and doing well) and realized that the follow-up tournament was on a day that I was unavailable. I love that Poker Stars lets you unregister and use the chips elsewhere...so much more convenient.
  16. If you win a satellite to a tournament on Full Tilt, are you allowed to unregister and use the credits elsewhere like you can on Poker Stars? Thanks...
  17. Whatever amount you start with, make sure it's an amount that you can afford to lose. There's an old adage in the gambling world but it happens to be true - "scared money never wins." You need to be able to play your game without worrying about the consequences of losing.
  18. Easy fold b/c at best you're probably a coinflip and there's a chance you're dominated. Much better spots to have all your money in. Small pairs are great for moving in, but poor for calling all-ins.As pointed out above, you definitely want to make more than a minimum raise on that hand.
  19. I play mostly sng's and have won a few $200's (winner gets $1,000) as well as plenty of $100's (winner gets $500).I rarely get a chance to play MTT's due to time constraints but I've won 2 entries into Stars' $650 WSOP qualifier via 3 attempts in an $80 satellite. Probably end up being worth nothing other than the opportunity but we'll see...
  20. Ya know, everyone's reading the same books, watching the same pros, and listening to the same experts. Sometimes it makes sense to go against the grain and not necessarily play a hand the "correct" way in order to extract more money. He has to assume you have some kind of hand to have raised and by going all-in he figures that he either a) takes down the pot right there without giving you a chance to beat him or B) gets you to call because his all-in makes it look like he's trying to steal so your weak ace or pocket pair might seem best to you.
  21. I actually just downloaded poker tracker myself - what are the primary things you guys look for there when analyzing your play? I guess I need to spend some time going through it, but right now it just looks like a huge mess of statistics. The only thing I've discovered for sure is that I'm not crazy - I get 93 offsuit far more often than pocket aces!
  22. Classic Sexton is:So it's AA vs TT and the flop comes King, Three, Two.Well that means he's gonna have to catch a 10 to stay alive.Here comes the turn...<excitedly> WELL LOOK AT THAT - IT'S AN 8!! <calms down now since the card had no effect on anything he just said previously> NOW THAT MEANS HE'S STILL GONNA NEED TO CATCH A 10 STAY ALIVE!!" Oh and he doesn't do it. But he played his heart out here on the world poker tour and he's going home with $325,000 for his efforts. Not bad for a guy who won his seat in an online qualifier huh Vince?(and for those who are going to barf,
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