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  1. I'm a business man. I'm sure I make a lot more money than Mike Sexton in the business world.
    He has a book, sponsorship deal with PartyPoker & announcing gig. Are you sure about that?I agree with the rest of your post, btw. Just wanted to get to that before the douchebags do.
    I'd consider that the poker world rather than the business world but yes lol.
  2. Ok.... how about he's an anouncer who is trying to be friendly to all sorts of audiences, specially the majority of those who watch the events who are people that don't play poker seriously, or for money, or at all.Mike Sexton makes a lot more money than you do playing poker. He's actually not that bad of a poker player himself. He just has the ability to ADJUST when he knows he is speaking to a mass audience that is not as familiar with poker. It's what makes him a great anouncer.ADJUSTING to the people to you are confronting is also a good skill at the tables... you should try it, and not be deceived by it... like you are with Mike Sexton.
    see my comment above and lighten the hell up. Yes - Mike Sexton makes a lot more money than me at poker...goody for him. I'm not a pro poker player, I'm a business man. I'm sure I make a lot more money than Mike Sexton in the business world. Money has nothing to do with him saying something very funny while announcing.
  3. At least Mike Sexton has actually accomplished something in the Poker World and is not some little kid flamer on poker forums.
    Oh I see...so in life you're only allowed to laugh at someone's comment if you've accomplished more than them in their profession? Obviously Mike Sexton is more accomplished than me at poker...doesn't mean he doesn't say silly or funny things that can be laughed up. Lighten up. Oh - and I'm neither a little kid nor a flamer so cut the crap and grow up.
  4. Mike pointed out something important tonight that I think we should all try to incorporate into our live play. When Chris Ferguson was dealt pocket aces ("weapons of mass destruction"), he told viewers to note how Ferguson reacted. So naturally I watched closely since Chris is a pro and a world champion. He said "notice his reaction folks...notice that he doesn't act elated and he doesn't start jumping up and down." By pointing this out, Mike caused me to realize that if I act elated and start jumping up and down when dealt aces, I'd could possibly tip off my opponents that I had a good hand. I guess I might have eventually picked this up on my own, but it sure helps having someone like Mike Sexton to point out these things and help us learn from the pros. Just when I think he and Vince can't make me laugh any more than they previously have...

  5. I would say you would up in a situation where you had just over a 50% chance to win the hand and you didn't win. Not much you can do about that. Either way you were vulnerable to an ace and an ace fell on the flop. Happens. Obviously you could look back and say that you should have flat-called and then thrown away your hand either when re-raised or when an A fell on the flop if you're looking for some scenario that would have kept you in the game, but you played it fine. There's no apporach that's gonna get you a 100% win rate - you're still at the mercy of other players and the cards. QQ is a strong hand in a shorthanded game in the late stages of a tournament.

  6. i think the min raise is just a way of justifiying playing some sort of drawing hand.  I play 7stud mostly, so i usually raise in a huge multiway pot with a good drawing hand just so my odds are correct.  I would either put these players on your buddy list as fish or put them on a drawing hand such as QJs, J10s, etc.  I realize there is a big difference between stud and NLHE, but I have seen this before in NL and sometimes it is a raise made in order to build a pot, especially in a passive game.  In my opinion of course.
    That's the one thing that I was thinking - that they have something like 98s and this way if they do hit a monster flop, it's a bigger pot. That would make sense except for the fact that any increase in pot size is seemingly negated by the fact that at least 10-20% of the time someone reraises after that and the original minimal raiser has to throw away their chips. Obviously they're idiots and not thinking about this. It just always seems so silly when everyone bets and then one person makes this bs raise and then you go around the table again with everyone quickly calling the raise to end up right back where you were before. So annoying.
  7. Like everything else there's advantages and disadvantages. Online is MUCH faster and you can play in your living room wearing boxer shorts. You can also do 20 other things at the same time. In fact (and it's probably not a good thing), it's rare that I'm NOT doing a bunch of other things while playing online poker. It's definitely convenient though to be able to play any type of game at any level whenever you feel like it without leaving your home.

  8. The minimal raise in a very multi-way pot in the early levels of a NLHE tournament? ie - Everyone has T1500 and blinds are 10-20 and 4 people limp in (with a couple still to act) for 20 and someone raises to 40? I've been seeing that a ton lately and I never get it. It doesn't chase anyone out of the pot (no one who put in 20 isn't gonna call another 20 with that many chips in their stack), it doesn't scare anybody or cause them to respect your hand, and it opens up the possibility of a reraise (where the original raiser invaraibly folds and loses their chips anyway). It's simply annoying - nothing else.Anyone else notice this a lot lately or have an explanation?

  9. Definately +EV for me. But of course people are different.I like to listen to good mood music such as Rush, Shadow Gallery or good mood power metal when I have a bad run or am just playing badly for one reason or another. Helps my nerves just to sing and be positive.When I'm playing good and picking up pots, little more aggressive music comes in play like "Gothenburg metal" or aggressive Finnish stuff.And in MTT's later stages I sometimes play Uriah Heep's Stealin' on repeat. "I was stealing when I should've been buying..." 8-)
    Another Rush fan? Nice! :club: I'm a diehard Rush fan myself...
  10. What's the best poker related screen name that you can come up with for an online dating or social networking site profile? Typically you have things like "Sexy&Smart," "SWJM29," "NYCAli," "outdoorlover" etc.What kind of cool poker terms could apply in this situation?All-InAces UpRoyal FlushNut Straight (actually has good secondary meaning)RounderBig RollHigh SocietySmooth CallWired AcesWhat do you all think?

  11. Other than KK, it's tough to imagine ANY hand possibly calling a pre-flop all-in on the first hand...especially after when people are limping in so probably no one has a great hand. No one wants to bust out on the first hand and people want to shake the rust off and get into the groove. To me, since the blinds are very small, the best gamble might be to raise like 5-6x the BB and hope that someone calls or comes over the top of you because they think you're stealing or a pro thinks they can outplay you after the flop so they call with anything. Otherwise make the standard raise and hope for a call. Go all-in and odds are very strong that you win virtually nothing.

  12. In addition to all of the above advice, another way to loosen your game a little is to stop giving too much credit to every raiser. Raises don't always mean aces or kings. To force yourself to call raises, consider the implied odds. If the blinds are 50-100 and someone raises to 300, odds are they're in for at least another 300 on the flop if not much more, so you're being laid a good price if you actually hit the flop. Think of it that way to justify calling and loosening up a little. Since more people online seem to be raising with nothing these days, you can also sometimes steal pots by simply acting strong AFTER the flop rather than automatically folding if you don't hit your hand. Call their raise and bet out on the flop or check-raise or re-raise and unless they have a real strong hand you're gonna get a lot of pots. If someone raises pre-flop with anything but a high pair and doesn't make their hand on the flop, it's tough for them to call a re-raise or a substantial post-flop bet that could make them pot committed and put their tournament life in jeopardy when they have no made hand. Think about it - unless you're super tight and only raising with high pocket pairs, you miss a lot more flops than you make after raising...so apply the same theory to your opponent.Obviously you need to be careful with these types of plays, but these are ways to loosen your game and to pick up additional pots.

  13. Yeah - you can use them for any tournament including sng's. That even applies to heads-up tournaments. Unless you never plan to play on the site again, it shouldn't be too hard to convert it to cash with all those options. Play a few $15 sng's or $10 headsup matches and you ought to be able to convert it to a close enough amout pretty quickly.

  14. i said it was a fukin joke that he sucked out and a fukin joke that he made that push and won, i then said you would have to be fukin retarded to make that play.
    A month seems more than reasonable for comments like this. Who wants to win a hand and then have to hear that it was a ****ing joke that he made the play and one and only a fuking retard would make that kind of play? I've actually completely turned my chat OFF b/c I can't take the comments anymore. You don't like the play I made? Tough! Maybe I had a read on you. Maybe I knew you were bluffing. Maybe I made a bad read and thought I was in a better position than I thought I was. Maybe I'm just bored and drunk and felt like gambling. For whatever reason I made my play, it's MY play and MY money and I don't need to have obscenities hurled at me because I won the hand when you were the favorite. It sucks to lose to a bad beat or a suck out. Yesterday I lost 2 tournaments to people check-calling large bets to nothing more than an inside straight draw. Of course I wanted to scream "do you realize that you risked your entire stack on basically 4 outs? Do you realize that if you didn't catch that one card you had no other way to win the hand and couldn't possibly be ahead?" Instead though I just pounded the table and moved on. What's the point? Cursing people out is immature and there's no need for it. I keep my chats off entirely just so I don't have to deal with it. This way I can just play my game without interruption or aggrevation.
  15. Poker Stars has a million different methods. They have a $650 tourney every Sunday that gives a seat to 1 out of every 17 players or so. There's plenty of satellites to that including an $80 satellite each night at 12:30 am. They have the $160 double shootouts referred to above. They also have a $33+R that awards a seat. Party Poker generally has satellites into a daily $328 tourney that offers 1 seat for every 45 players.

  16. It's an easy call from where we're sitting Vince, but that's because using the exclusive BK brain cam WE CAN SEE THAT SHE'S FORGOTTEN. But when you're sitting at that drive-thru and the cash register is open, it's difficult to not have your money ready and waiting. This is world class poker we're witnessing here Vince! :club: BTW - Stealing's bad whether you can get away with it or not. It's about doing the right thing and while BK might not miss it, this lady could get in trouble for coming up short.

  17. does Pt work on its own tracking your game or does it make you plug in the numbers? does it only track real money?
    You click the option for Party & Stars to save your hand histories on your hard drive and then there's a section in PT where you direct it to that location and it automatically adds the updated hands every x minutes that u tell it to check while it's open - so no, you don't have to do anything after the initial setup. Not sure about play money.
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