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  1. He has a book, sponsorship deal with PartyPoker & announcing gig. Are you sure about that?I agree with the rest of your post, btw. Just wanted to get to that before the douchebags do.I'd consider that the poker world rather than the business world but yes lol.
  2. see my comment above and lighten the hell up. Yes - Mike Sexton makes a lot more money than me at poker...goody for him. I'm not a pro poker player, I'm a business man. I'm sure I make a lot more money than Mike Sexton in the business world. Money has nothing to do with him saying something very funny while announcing.
  3. Oh I see...so in life you're only allowed to laugh at someone's comment if you've accomplished more than them in their profession? Obviously Mike Sexton is more accomplished than me at poker...doesn't mean he doesn't say silly or funny things that can be laughed up. Lighten up. Oh - and I'm neither a little kid nor a flamer so cut the crap and grow up.
  4. Mike pointed out something important tonight that I think we should all try to incorporate into our live play. When Chris Ferguson was dealt pocket aces ("weapons of mass destruction"), he told viewers to note how Ferguson reacted. So naturally I watched closely since Chris is a pro and a world champion. He said "notice his reaction folks...notice that he doesn't act elated and he doesn't start jumping up and down." By pointing this out, Mike caused me to realize that if I act elated and start jumping up and down when dealt aces, I'd could possibly tip off my opponents that I had a good h
  5. IIRC Lawson was the guy who had no clue how pot limit worked and saying things like "ummm...I bet uhhh...the most that I'm allowed to bet!"
  6. I would say you would up in a situation where you had just over a 50% chance to win the hand and you didn't win. Not much you can do about that. Either way you were vulnerable to an ace and an ace fell on the flop. Happens. Obviously you could look back and say that you should have flat-called and then thrown away your hand either when re-raised or when an A fell on the flop if you're looking for some scenario that would have kept you in the game, but you played it fine. There's no apporach that's gonna get you a 100% win rate - you're still at the mercy of other players and the cards.
  7. That's the one thing that I was thinking - that they have something like 98s and this way if they do hit a monster flop, it's a bigger pot. That would make sense except for the fact that any increase in pot size is seemingly negated by the fact that at least 10-20% of the time someone reraises after that and the original minimal raiser has to throw away their chips. Obviously they're idiots and not thinking about this. It just always seems so silly when everyone bets and then one person makes this bs raise and then you go around the table again with everyone quickly calling the raise to end
  8. Like everything else there's advantages and disadvantages. Online is MUCH faster and you can play in your living room wearing boxer shorts. You can also do 20 other things at the same time. In fact (and it's probably not a good thing), it's rare that I'm NOT doing a bunch of other things while playing online poker. It's definitely convenient though to be able to play any type of game at any level whenever you feel like it without leaving your home.
  9. lol - yeah the constant "limit" raises are annoying too. By the time both parties have reraised TWICE, you KNOW they are both ending up all-in. No reason to waste time doing it in stages.
  10. The minimal raise in a very multi-way pot in the early levels of a NLHE tournament? ie - Everyone has T1500 and blinds are 10-20 and 4 people limp in (with a couple still to act) for 20 and someone raises to 40? I've been seeing that a ton lately and I never get it. It doesn't chase anyone out of the pot (no one who put in 20 isn't gonna call another 20 with that many chips in their stack), it doesn't scare anybody or cause them to respect your hand, and it opens up the possibility of a reraise (where the original raiser invaraibly folds and loses their chips anyway). It's simply annoying
  11. Another Rush fan? Nice! I'm a diehard Rush fan myself...
  12. What's the best poker related screen name that you can come up with for an online dating or social networking site profile? Typically you have things like "Sexy&Smart," "SWJM29," "NYCAli," "outdoorlover" etc.What kind of cool poker terms could apply in this situation?All-InAces UpRoyal FlushNut Straight (actually has good secondary meaning)RounderBig RollHigh SocietySmooth CallWired AcesWhat do you all think?
  13. Other than KK, it's tough to imagine ANY hand possibly calling a pre-flop all-in on the first hand...especially after when people are limping in so probably no one has a great hand. No one wants to bust out on the first hand and people want to shake the rust off and get into the groove. To me, since the blinds are very small, the best gamble might be to raise like 5-6x the BB and hope that someone calls or comes over the top of you because they think you're stealing or a pro thinks they can outplay you after the flop so they call with anything. Otherwise make the standard raise and hope for
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