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  1. my 1st account still lives , my 2nd account lost somewhere in archives. 3rd confession did not watch any of the 2022 WSOP but was glad to hear looshle got his 2nd bracelet wtg
  2. days of getting beating by Gallo gone
  3. wtg Frank, from one old timer to another
  4. Hi Daniel Can't find any forums with this question to you. I would like to know what you think of some of the Ontario poker rooms? which are your favorites and why? Are these casnio sites or other poker rooms? How often do you play there? Please and thanks DanielRoseyg
  5. Niagara Fallsview is too noisey, loud and not in a private room. Rama nice, no smoking, private room, challenging for people who know how to play. Sometimes those river players are there you just have to know how to play them better, trying to check raise or maybe bump your bet. Brantford is almost the same as Rama. Anyone know about Casino Seneca in Niagara falls New york is there a room and what it is like? RoseyG
  6. Hi Daniel, any chance of meeting you before or after the hockey game on Saturday. Make sure you wear that Leaf Jersey. Sundin was suppose to play but he backed out yesterday. Look at reply post under T.O. Rosey g
  7. My favorite players are Daniel then Kathy. Who says us ladies can't play. She has the skills. Roseyg
  8. Hi Daniel, Glad you came home , I was there at Casino Niagara and was unable to get near for you for even a little glimspe. How did you make out there? I know it was for charity and fun but still hope you won. I see you are coming home again this week. Your going to be in my town watching from behind the bench. Please let me come with you. We are both great leaf fans and poker buffs. It would be great to meet you. I have been playing since I was 14, and now my son's think they know how to play at 28 and 26. One thing is for sure they still can't beat there mom. I hope to be at t
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