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  1. "there was no raise pre flop"You don´t play 5-3....unless you´re BB and can check it.If you do, you get punished..... 8)
  2. But in Real Money.....I had : A A On the button, I rais.BB calls and a mid-position caller, also calls.Flop is : 9 , 9 , A BB checks, caller bets....I don´t want to scare anyone so I just call and BB calls.Turn is : 7 ....BB checks, caller bets......I rais...BB folds, caller calls.River is : 9 .....Caller bets, I rais, he re-raises..........After long time, I calls.....Caller had : K , and 9 I knew he had it, but had to call, he´d been playing any high card or any two suited all session, and ne´d been bluffing a lot too.What can you do ?Just congratulate them and hope they´ll
  3. I can see that this gives a lot of comments, both nice and......not so nice.I don´t complaine about him calling me, I know he puts money in our pockets in the long run.....But I don´t understand why he/they do it....But I think I got the answer........They do it for the fun of it.......They don´t care about winning or loosing......Thanks for all the replies......By the way.....VAGLVR.....I´m a proud Swede......and the guy who made the call was an American...... To us Europeans the US$ means a lot more then to many Americans...........It´s not just playmoney........
  4. This is what happened today at PP.0,5/1 stakes Holdém.I got A -10 on the button. One call before me.I rais, bb calls and the caller calls. (three in).Flop is :A , K and 2 bb checks, caller checks, I bet. Bb calls, caller folds. (two left).Turn is :10 I have two pair, with a flush-draw......Bb checks, I bet again. He calls.River is :2 bb checks, I bet, he re-raises.........This idiot have been playing any high card, any suited for the entire session, so I don´t have a clue to what he might have. I placed him on a flush-draw earlier on, but that wouldn´t make him bet now so I expect t
  5. I´ve noticed that I´m much more checking the source of information and I´m more critical to see if it´s infact misinformation.And I´ve become much more willing to "call" some bluffs my children are trying do pull.......
  6. I got an offer for using pokercharts.Does anyone use it ?And I would be glad for a breif report about its quality...... :-)
  7. Definitely with the whole name outwriten"Full Contact Poker" and maybe with anice picture of Daniel with a nice hand alot of chips..........
  8. Have this happened to anybody else ???1st. hand :KK on the hand, flop is K,10,10.....I bet, 3 people call.Turn and River is garbage....I bet again, same people call.Showdown : I´m beat by quads, 10s.....2nd. hand :A-10 suited on the hand, late position. I call. Flop is 7,4,10, oneof my suit, I call again. Turn is 7 off my suit, I call again. Riveris K, my suit....3 people left, one checks, no. two bets, and I call,the first reraises.....turns out my Flush is beat by a Full House7s full of 4s......SB had 7-4.......3rd. hand :QQ on the hand, early position, I call. Flop is Q,10,9 (same suit).I
  9. "Poker is alot like sex, everone thinks they are the best, but most don't have a clue what they are doing!" Great reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I´ve been playing at the 0,5/1$ level for about 6 months now. The first three months with a loss, but the last two months with a win. I started out at PP and EP with 50$ deposits and now I have about 250$ at each site. I play mostly limit cashgames, but have played 3 single table tournaments I won one, came 2nd. ones and finished at 5th. place ones.When can I move up to play 1/2$ tables ????And how much better are the opponents at another level ???? A:club: A A A :-)
  11. If you sit on the button with QQ do you limp or rais.Let´s say you have 5 people called and then a raisand another call before you´re up.....????????Do you act differently on limit and no limit ?????
  12. I´ve seen you a lot on TV here in Sweden. And I would like to thank you too. It´s very nice that a Pro takes the time to answer all our odd questions. You are truely an inspiration to all us amateurs. You answered one of my topics the other day, and quess if I have stuned.....almost fell down of my chair.Hope you kick some Pro-butts in the future.......good luck to you.
  13. This happened to me today.I had : A , A I´m in BB.12 bb in the pot, pre-flop.Flop was : K , T and 5 .another 10 bb in the pot.Turn was : J .another 7 bb in the pot.River was : A 2 guys left (besides me).4 more bb in the pot, don´t need to say I re-raised.....1 calls and 1 folds.He had : 5 and 5 .Poker is lovely..........33 bb right down my pocket.Like they say at McDonalds : "I´m loving it".....
  14. Ok, I´ll tell you what he had.Of course I called.He had : 8 and 7 He had pair of 8s........This was his game, all session he did this, very aggressive with just the lowest pair, and he scared a lot of people with his aggressiveness and he won a lot of pots with this game, but when he was up against better players he usually lost. His bankroll went from 75$ to less then 10$ in about 1 hour.I´d played for about 30 min. when I made this call on him, and from this moment on he was called almost every time..........and he lost......
  15. I´m in SB with A and 10 .2 calls the BB and 1 raises, I call and the 2 calls again.Flop is : 10 , 8 and 5 .2 checks, 1 bet, I call and the 2 folds.Heads up.Turn is : A .I check, he bets, I raises, he re-raises, I call.River is : J .Possible flush.He´s been playing any high card or suited cards all night. Very loose andaggressive with even the lowest pair.I bet, he raises me............What do I do ????????What would you do ?????????????? Call or fold ?????
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