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  1. Haven't posted here in years, but I had a question since I recently started playing online again. I've been playing the $10 STTs on PS lately to supplement my income (great economy...), and have been doing well (23% ROI, 40% ITM). I was thinking of moving up to the $20, $30 or even $50 level and was wondering what kind of ROI hit I would likely take? Basically I'd like to up my profits and was wondering what my reasonable expectations should be.Thanks in advance.
  2. While discussing theory is nice, this may be the most valuable reply for the OP. It seems ludicrous to discuss tournament equity when this much is taken from the payout.25% rake tourneys should NEVER be played.
  3. Barry on women:"Once they become American, it's all over. Trust me on that!"
  4. This is probably old news, but what the hell is going on between Barry and Miss American Pie (I tried to search for any topics related and failed). These links are rather startling so beware: Maybe I am jumping to conclusions here, but the image of count chocula and Shannon Elizabeth having any kind of sexual relationship may cause my brain to crash.
  5. Is it common for previews to show the movie's climactic moment?Sounds like its going straight to video.
  6. Go to Windsor if your girlfriend is a stripper or enjoys strip clubs.
  7. I think the UTG limp is ok, because you will dominate many possible limping hands, and generally I don't mind playing KQ postflop. I'd say it's really a pretty marginal decision either way. Turn call is fine. I would definately raise bigger on river, hoping he has Q. I'd raise to at least 1500, and sometimes even push depending on opponent.
  8. This is off on a tangent, but has firepay ever had problems like this?
  9. I think it's a bit too aggressive. Preflop raise was too small. I'd raise to 400-500. Continuation bet was too big. I think 1/2 to 2/3 the pot is fine. I probably don't push turn, but it's not horrible since he may have a flush draw.
  10. Yep.I bet the flop when it's checked around. I'm happy to take it down right here.You HAVE to raise the turn. Why let a bigger spade draw cheap? You have the best hand probably 80-90% of the time on the river here. You should definately raise.Way too passively played.
  11. I play pretty tricky when play gets shot handed in the 10-man SNG's. I will often check AA or KK in BB if there is just one limper (especially against someone with a bigger stack, although not usually when I'm in 2nd chip position). 99 not as much, but I can still see it being done. K9 probably. 44 maybe, depends on opponent. The point is that I don't think any of those hands can really be discounted at this point. Actuary made a great point that the BB needs a much better hand to Raise/Push than we do to bet/RR. I think he would just call or fold to our reraise with TP or flush draw.
  12. This is almost completely read dependant. Obvious (but important) factors.If you are up against someone who overplays TP or a flush draw then call.If you think this table is pretty tough, and aren't sure that you can outplay others, call.If you are up against someone who's more rocky, fold.If you are confident you can outplay opponents, fold.If he's tricky and it's hard for you to put him on a hand, shoot yourself for not raising preflop.For those saying it's an easy call, I think you are wrong. When viewing our situations if we call/win (14,500), call/lose (2,500), and simply fold (7,100), I
  13. Ugh, Mason Malmuth never wrote any books about tournament poker. Why you are invoking his name in this thread I don't know. He has written books on poker, but almost exclusively on limit cash games. His playing philosophies should not be used to described anyone who suggests tight play in a tournament.This thread sounds way too much like general. Try actually contributing something with each of your posts.God, I already feel bad about writing a response to this guy.
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