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  1. and something tells me you are a stupid ****** with an attitude problem..that wants to Suck DNs C O C K!
  2. I read some of the other posts that have been written. And some said call....now I think that would be you worst move...if you dont hit the small stack pushes you have to fold. Either Fold or Push it in and take thew chance. But either way you won..so once again Congrats!
  3. I do agree that he is a great player and he does play High Limit Cash games. BUT....if you go by Tourny winnings between DN and Raymer. Raymer has the edge. So technically even though DN is a better player (which I retract my statement about Raymer being better) Raymer has won more in tounys. BUT I still beleive that most of the people on here overrate him way to much becasue this is his forum, not becasue of his statistics.
  4. Im kind of curious what you all think is a long session on-line? THough I have yet to do a really long 1 my has been 13 hours. Although I was winning and not very tired, do you continue to push yourself until you reach that point? :twisted:
  5. Well...thats a tough spot but I think against a short stack with only 900 left you take that chance, especially if you hit and get a chip lead. But nice job winning it anyways!! :twisted:
  6. 1. Yes he did win player of the year in 2004...Very Nice2. how many WSOP Main events has he won??3. He is a great player no doubt in my mind, but I think you all idolize him so much becasue this is his forum. I know Im not as good as him but I would like to be sometime. But there are many more players out there, that are much better and they get harldy the recognition the deserve.By no means do I think hes a poor player but I think you all give him more credit than he is due. Although I dont like Greg Raymer..Technically he is a better player than DN....He is a World Champion but yet rarely do
  8. you ****ing retard that was not praise that was fact you stupid ****!!!
  9. DN is WAY overrated same for Raymer.....Neithe have won anything MAJOR...Excpet for Raymer....the 1 time he won THE ONLY BRACELT he won...Hellmuth has 9 or 10....that is a poker icon...but DN and Raymer hyped beyond beleive plus DN looks like a homo anyways.
  10. Robin.....On Fulltilt at 8:30pm EST THURSDAY NIGHTS...is the PHT OPEN...a H.O.R.S.E. tourny Password is always:trojanhorseI think its a $10+$1 tourny!!! See you there!
  11. No1SpecialI play everything and when I have the bankroll..(lately has been meek) I like to play high limits....I love the action!!!
  12. This is not the first WSOP that Raymer has been in just the first that he won. He has actually been an accomplished poker player for years, especially in cash games!
  13. Is it possible for a person to just be unlucky or someone to be overly lucky?? :twisted:
  14. Ok...So I got an idea of what you all think the WORST site is, now, what do you think the BEST overall site is. (Gameplay, copmetition, etc....) I like UB personally for ring games, and True Poker is ok, if you want as close to real play as you will get being on-line. :twisted:
  15. Play in the PHT Open on Fulltilt tonight 8:30 pm. :twisted:
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