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  1. Would you rather have to bang your mom or someone else's dad?
  2. "I can't play any better than that." x27,316He's like Hellmuth, but he hasn't proven anything yet. That's what.
  3. You know, I don't think it's fair to call me a douchebag (by the way - is "******" seriously blocked?) because I made an exchange rate joke. It actually says virtually nothing about Canada except for the fact that, in nominal terms, the Candian dollar is worth slightly less than its American counterpart.What really gets me is how Canucks overreact to such innocent comments about their nation, which ironically enough, just highlights its suckitude.(minor sw)
  4. They must've given the chip counts in Canadian dollars, which, when converted to real dollars, actually puts them in the middle of the pack somewhere.
  5. Hey, is there a site that has all of the table assignments up? If so, where can I find it? Thanks.
  6. Bump bump bump.Phil GordonPlayed by:Stuart from MADtv.
  7. Well that's the thing, I think despite it being called the "World Series," you really can't consider it to be the litmus-test world championship anymore. Or at least if you're only looking at the ME, anyway. If you want to look at a single tournament, the HORSE event was, IMO, much closer to determining the best player in the world (which one could argue it did).Oh, and everyone forgot about the oh-so-prestigious NBC Heads-Up Championship.
  9. Phil Hellmuth EliminatedPhill Hellmuth was all-in with A-Q, versus an opponent's pocket 7s. The 7s hold up, and a once short-stcked Phill Hellmuth is now eliminated. He may be able to dodge bullets, but man, is he a sucker for those hockey sticks. Well, I guess even Superman has kryptonite.
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