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  1. Aw, God damn it, I finally fritzed it. It was a good run
  2. 8/19/2020 Brownsville 88 RF 101 Des Moines 82 RF 88
  3. but that would mean HollywoodAFD would have fooled me with one of his dupes, and I think I'd have to ritually kill myself if such a thing ever happened to me, to save face.
  4. 8/18/2020 Brownsville, FL 93 RF 105 Des Moines, IA 81 RF 84
  5. Wait, RC isn't one of Essay's dupes?
  6. 8-17-20 Brownsville 93 RF 106 Des Moines 82 RF 82
  7. Feel free to edit it now, Brvy and turn my joke into a potentially monstrous co-signing of whatever you were going to say
  8. 16/8/20 Brownsville 93 RF 105 Des Moines 88 RF 91
  9. The Ides of August Brownsville 89 RF 100 Des Moines 89 RF 84 (lol)
  10. August 14, 2020 Brownsville 92 RF 103 Des Moines 89 RF 93
  11. No, Brvy, as I said in that post you quoted earlier, his predatory slum lording is the issue I have with him. His bible thumping signs are just a delicious hypocrisy. You're free to search /r/omaha too, if you want to know more.
  12. 8/13/20 Brownsville 93 RF 102 Des Moines 89 RF 95
  13. 08-12-2020 Brownsville 89 RF 99 Des Moines 88 RF 94
  14. I'm sure it was, Dave is famous for having sanctimonious Bible quotes or just faith based catchphrases on his Dino's signs Dino's would have been right up your alley.
  15. 8/11/20 Des Moines 87 RF 91 Brownsville 92 RF 105
  16. Then again, I don't know if he's an outlier on the storage unit scumbag curve, the whole model is they hope you forget to pay rent so they can sell your shit off, so I can't imagine how many scrupulous businessmen are attracted to that grift in the first place. I picture the average moral character of a storage owner to be somewhere above a pay day loans owner and below Hitler. The fact that I know this particular scumbags name, since I know the names of exactly zero other storage owners, says a lot, though.
  17. Go search /R/Omaha if you want the 411 on the guy that owns that place, Dave Paladino, there's a new thread about him all the time, he's a giant slum lord. I've never rented storage space from him personally, but I've never heard a single good thing about him or Dino's.
  18. The Tenth Day of August, in the year of our Brvy 2020 Brownsville 93 RF 105 Des Moines 81 RF 90
  19. If I needed to store something, I'd rent office space, that shit is dirt cheap and plentiful, and I wouldn't have to deal with scumbags like Dino's storage.
  20. The 9th of August Brownsville 92 RF 104 Des Moines 93 RF 96 Des Moines gets off the board with a day of higher real temp, but is still 8 degrees behind in RF.
  21. It is the ideal temperature for my thesis, certainly. And I'm happy the good people of Iowa get to enjoy me being right almost as much as I do.
  22. August 8 Brownsville 92 RF 104 Des Moines 89 RF 93
  23. August 7 Brownsville 92 RF 104 Des Moines 86 RF 88
  24. August 6 Brownsville, FL 91 RF 105 Des Moines, IA 75 RF 77
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