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  1. I live in Montreal and go to the casino all the time. I had some reservations before the poker room started about the electronic tables but they work just fine. The caliber of play is terrible so if your looking at staying in MTL for a week you could probably pay off your trip. As for a dress code just dont show up in sweat pants and youll be fine. Before Montreal opened up its poker room there were a couple of decent clubs downtown, KGR and CPC but the hotspot to play now if you dont wanna go to the Casino is called plaza in kanawhake. They spread cash cames tourneys and sits along with free
  2. thanks alot! the help is really apreciated
  3. The information so far's been good but i wanted to know if there were any strong articles comparing something like the stock exchange and poker/gambling. Thanks again guys
  4. thanks alot guys, keep them coming if you can
  5. Hey guys, I have to do a presentation for school and i was wondering if you guys knew of any articles or interviews that would support the argument of Skill over luck in poker. Thanks alot
  6. KGR poker rooms pretty cool. its on St.Laurent and they have 1-2 to 5-10 depending on the day. Its got a pretty decent decor with flat screen tvs on the wall and if you like omaha they spread 1-2 plo on sundays. Brad booths also played there a couple of times before and i think DN has as well but dont quote me on it.The montreal casino's poker room is supposed to open sometime in october:)
  7. Chip CountsSome of the notable chip counts are as follows:James Mackey - $175,000Jeff Shulman - $120,000Jared Hamby - $115,000J.C. Tran - $90,000J.C. Alvarado - $80,000
  8. ohhh like everyone else isnt around here
  9. J.C. Alvarado Doubles UpOn a flop of 986, Dapo Fadeyi bets $8,000 and J.C. Alvarado moves all in for an additional $29,300. Fadeyi makes the call and shows J10. Alvarado turns over 1010 and the turn comes the K. The river is the 3 and Alvarado wins the pot to double up. is there any event this guy doesnt go deep in?
  10. yea montreal casinos gay like that. theres some poker clubs open every night that spread decent cash games with plenty of fish. try kgr or cpc. pm me if your interested and ill give you numbers to contact.
  11. lol it would take a monster read to not judge the above post's as sarcastic lol
  12. yea the void thing worked and you can cashout up to the ammount deposited on your credit card back to it. the weird thing about it is that i only deposited 150$ and they let me cashout 900.
  13. good guess, they did . i just came here because tilt was taking forever to answer my email
  14. i just accidentally cashed out 900 back to my credit card when i meant to cash out out via a check. is there any way i can halt the processing and get the funds back to my tilt account because i DO NOT want the money on my credit card. any imput on what to do would be greatly appreciated.
  15. should of named it Bkice cuz even if you dont final table at least your dog can
  16. can i consider this a 1 outter since its a redraw? we got all the money in on the flop.Me Q-10Villain J-JFlop 10-10-2Turn-JRiver- 10 Shhhhhhhhhiiiippppp
  17. frankly i dont see this as that scary a board. if either player has a set or two pair on the flop i see them as raising almost every time because the board is so coordinated. personally im thinking our opponents likely holdings may be top pair with marginal kicker or flush and straight draws. I say you bet 3/4 of the pot here to make both opponents pay if they want to play but i definatly dont think were behind in this hand unless one of our opponents were lucky enough to flop the nut straight. BET this turn HARD
  18. Neither could I, a link would be apreciated
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