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  1. I made a final table today fish.
  2. FYL, I was going to ship this.
  3. k;ljdsaf;lfgl'fkjjdlkasd'
  4. He was a black comedian, I think he was from Chicago. He was hilarious. It was a shame he died at his pinnacle.
  5. Just watched it. I don't know if this needs a spoiler or not, well this info doesn't say who gets voted off next. Anyway, on the Ponderosa vid, apparently the next Tribal Council is the next day after Brenda got voted off. Pisstivity (sp?). This was a term used by Robin Harris.
  6. Guess what didn't happen last week?Oh and if someone other than Outsider can help this week. Just don't want to keep having to be a pain in the ass to ya.
  7. It finally broke!!http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=5365602
  8. lolThat was vs you?!? WTF, had like one of my better games in a long time and you go and have an even better one. lolCongrats to all who binked yesterday!!
  9. Yeah, people have taken field trips before. I think last year they went to some waterfall/pond.
  10. But if Alan ever goes to jail he'll at least he'll go in with having a rep.
  11. lol Thx. I'll try to win this time so I don't have to ask again.
  12. lol I might play this. But as usual I need money on Stars. I have FTP but can't ship until later tonight after I get home from work. Sorry, I don't really play on Stars except for o the Neg-O once in awhile.Gallofx on FTP. Just need $11.
  13. I think she called serge a Hab.
  14. HUGE upgrade to where they normally stay. But I think living in the resort will be a bit less personal. At the other Ponderosas they always interacted well with each other, but here it will allow them to be separate from one another. I think I would prefer the other Ponderosas.
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