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  1. If they go to the reunion I really hope Jeff snubs them and doesn't ask them squat.
  2. Sorry, but when did he do that? Show mercy?
  3. There was something Opie said at the end to Stahl that I couldn't understand, anyone know what he said? Stahl said something like "Have mercy."
  4. Why does Harry Potter irk you so much? I mean if you don't like the movies, then why watch them?
  5. I thought elves were actually more powerful than wizards, but they are basically slaves to them for some reason. IDK.
  6. When they were locked in the basement/cell didn't Wormtail say there was a spell that would prevent them from escaping? So picking the lock would be impossible.
  7. I think the Tweet is fine, obv there are repercussions, it's the posting of the AIM that was uncalled for.And also agree with your first statement, I would think that call is usually dependent on villain, ma, hero, table dynamics.
  8. Have to agree with looshle.
  9. The guy has a right to write whatever he wants on his Twitter. Alot of people use Twitter as their own "diary", but people do have to remember that people read those tweets, so you're sometimes going to have to deal with the repercussions. What is definitely wrong was posting the AIM convo, that is usually more of a private way of communicating.
  10. I think everyone goes to the Horseshoe for the most part. Just call poker room ahead to get your name on list tho.
  11. Let's see if you've learned anything...Its The Wsop Me,1st Hand. 4 People Ahead Of You Go All In U Got AA. Call?
  12. I mean, I know exactly what you mean and agree that Mexico is a beautiful country, but things are just so screwed up all over Mexico right now, even I don't want to go and visit my families out there. At any given time you can be pulled over on some road or whatever. It's kinda like Colombia back in the days of Escobar.
  13. You're from Durango, I figure that would be one of the worst places to be in.
  14. So I tried to do a search for all the topics that started with this question and couldn't find any. I think Bob erased them all. Was going to bump every single one of them./Fail
  15. Why anyone would would go to Mexico at this time is beyond me.
  16. looooooooool no.I'll play you HU4Rollz on Stars. but I just have like $2 & change.
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