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  1. Wow, this kinda surprises me. I always thought he was a stand up guy, never met him but from what I had seen and heard he seemed like a cool guy. I know that PSUfans talked to him a bit. Maybe you contact him to see if he could get a hold of jcash.
  2. lol at all the hate for the girls. I definitely thought the girls were much better than the guys.And I think Idol needs Simon during this part of the show.
  3. Isn't it 2 shows, then they vote someone off on Thursday? If we get 12 people at like $25 or w/e, I think we can have something done before then. It would be random anyway, so it would be faster.
  4. We can do like a random pool or whatever. For top 24, if we get 12 people in each person gets 1 guy and 1 girl.
  5. Dammit!! At first when I got Francesca and read her bio I didn't like her. Then watching the episode I liked the way she carried herself and how she was thinking.FML
  6. Well, what did you hear? Don't keep us in suspense!!!
  7. You probably shouldn't put out the PW until people have said/paid that they are definitely in.
  8. Yeah, didn't realize it was back on, until I went looking for a movie on Starz OnDemand and saw that it was listed. It was pretty good and definitely more blood and sex. I really liked the storyline and enjoyed watching the stuff that happened pre.
  9. You can probably do 20-30min blind levels.
  10. Ok, so what exactly are the rules to Redemption Island? I thought that when people are voted off they go to Redemption and the person there will duel with the next person voted off and the winner goes back in to the game. But I've also read that the winner stays at Redemption Island and joins much later towards the end.
  11. So Highway, are you saying that DNA's fold of 99 was good vs these 2 players?
  12. So I should be zigging when I zag? Gotcha!!
  13. gallofx on FTPIt's a vid for BlueFire Poker showing some of the top pros who started playing poker online while underage.
  14. BB cold-called a 3bet with KJo and wasn't even last to close the action. j/s
  15. Looks like there was only 1 person in the pot before she 3bet.
  16. How are the mystery survivors going to play in all this? I know who the rumors say they are, just want to know what their roles are supposed to be.
  17. The name should change to Wsox8alwaysbubblesbeforethefinaltable Tourney Open
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