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  1. I thought it was a solo artist, didn't know they were a group. lolz
  2. lol my thoughts exactly on Jacob.I've been a fan of Haley and Scotty for awhile. Lauren is starting to gain some confidence and I liked her more last night than previous performances. I'm really not that big of a fan of Durbin.
  3. Casey wasn't all that. He was just different to what most of America is used to listening to. And that's what made him unique, just like Taylor Hicks was unique.
  4. He said unique.P.S. I wasn't a big fan of Casey anyway. And I agree with Tanner.
  5. Anyone think that the last remaining person at Redemption will make it into final 3 or 4? I'm pretty sure there will be a double elimination at Redemption, no way they can just eliminate 1 person.
  6. lol I just thought it was dumb that they even went after Rob. They should've gone after Philip, Grant or Andrea.Also, I wonder if they realize how much they actually needed Russell. If they had never voted Russell I think they would've still been in the game.
  7. lolI think this is where the games begin. Just because a tribe did what it should do, doesn't mean it's a boring season.
  8. Oh. I just don't think Mercury was really making a sweeping proclamation. IDK.ETA: And yes, I do understand that the first season was done, whether or not it got picked up. So if he was referring to the first season, then, um yeah Mercury is on his own.
  9. So people that haven't read any of the books shouldn't have an opinion on the series? Oh, ok.
  10. lol at people getting mad at people who haven't read the book and give opinions about the show. A lot of people sometimes don't have the time to read the books. Do people read the book before every movie/tv show they watch?
  11. Watched the show, I enjoyed it. The one thing I wonder is "why are some of these singers missing from Idol?" I know that a few them are too old. Did these people just not try out for Idol? Makes you wonder how many good singers are out there who are not on these shows.
  12. I think even a lot of black people were embarrassed when Philip used the race card there. Yeah, that whole talk with God just tilts the heck out of me.
  13. lol that they were at TMZ last week. hahaha
  14. A few thoughts:-It doesn't seem that Philip is as dumb/crazy as we think he is.-Zapatera really would've needed Russell right now. Russell's cut throat. He would've definitely have tried to sway someone.-Rob is running this like Russell would have, except without showing his ego/cockiness to the tribe. He only show his ego when it's just him and the camera.-I think it's still just a bit too early to make a move right now. The Zapatera tribe HAS to be whittled down more so that anyone from the Ometepe tribe has a chance against Rob. The people with Ometepe want to assure themselves that th
  15. I think this spot had a lot to do with how Dwan played a hand earlier vs. Baldwin when he had QQ. Dwan was OOP and led out on the flop and Baldwin called, Dwan led turn and Baldwin called, river was an Ace and Dwan checked. Dwan had some missed draws, I think. But I do think the last hand went down the way it did because of that QQ hand vs Dwan. I could be wrong tho.
  16. The bolded is a huge positive for these.
  17. Anyone think that the reason they sound so much better or are not as pitchy this season compared to others is because of the help that Marc Anthony gave them with those ear buds? I think he mentioned that in previous years no one has ever helped the contestants with the ear buds. They didn't know how to use them. So helped them out with them to how they wanted their earbuds to work. IDK how they work, but it seems since then it has helped the contestants not sound pitchy.
  18. Finally someone else that likes Scott. I don't know why people are so down on him in this thread. Is it because it's country? IDK, I think he'll really make it far in this show. Also, I guess I'm one of the few that really doesn't like James. My favorites in this are Scotty and Haley.
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