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  1. I don't know what kind of player he wzs, apparently not to bright calling a raise with 32, but that is besides the point.
    Why do alot of people think that calling a raise with "garbage hands" is always stupid or not to bright? Personally, I think there's nothing really wrong with that. Why do people think that you should ONLY call with top starting hands? Heck, I've read daniel's Journals and other players' journals and they talk about some of the hands they've gone in with. My thing is that if everyone would always go in with prime hands then the game would be so much easier. But that's just my opinion.
  2. I dont have anything written down. But I know this and I swear buy it, it works like a mother beeetch... so here goes. I really didnt mean to sound harsh just trying to poke a little fun, to motivate you, its obvious I hurt you but im just kidding, im sorry, and im hear to help you.You need to start to calculate and watch the foods you eat, its the only way you can loose wieght. You can really eat whatever you want, but you do need a good BALANCED diet, thats carbs protiens AND fats. Yes I say fats, because fat DOESNT make you fat, all buy itself it would, so would carbs and so would protien, because there all calories.Now, this is the secret, out of everything you eat, each meal or snack should contain the ration 40/30/30 40% can be carbs, 30 percent should be protien and 30 percent should be fat. remember one ounce of chicken beef or ham etc etc is 7grams of protein, same with cheese, 1 egg is around 6gms of protien. This works out to for every 9 grams of carbohydrate you have, you should have 7 grams of protien and 3 grams of fat. Call this a SWAP, so one swap = 9c7p3f, its really REALLY simple, Try to keep each meal around or under 5 swaps, and each snack should be 1 or 2 swaps(a good snack is an apple, which is around 20 carbs, which is close enough for 2 swaps, and 2 oz of protien which could be 1oz of cheese and 1 ouce of beef chicken or ham, I think you should get the babybel cheese cause there close to 1 swap just a little under) Now you dont have to be exact about this, but try to keep it balanced, like in that snack, there is protien, some fat(not necesary for snacks really) So really, you need to avoid rice bowls, pasta, white bread(sprouted wheat bread, its actually very good) noodles and other stuff.Now when I say carb allowed, i mean that you dont have to have carbs with every meal, but really carbs are what tastes good so I like em, but protien is a MAJOR for every meal every time you eat anything or drink anything(especially beer, yes this means wings and beer! WOOX!). Bad things: INSULIN SPIKES! This is what causes you to gain weight, is high insulin levels, insulin is a fat retaining protien cell(hence my excuse for being fatboy) the only way to avoid this is to eat your protien first, take a few bites of steak before you eat some breadsticks or your salad, I do this, and ive noticed a huge difference in my response to insulin when I inject and eat. Another thing is to avoid foods high on the glycemic index, things like raisens, potatoes, bananas and krispy kreme donuts are all things that seem healthy(heh, donuts) but are actually high on glycemic index and cause insulin spikes. You should search on google, I would for you as im trying to help, but im currently two tabling and thinking this over.. lol. THe glycemic index is basically a couple of dOOdz(zeros look like o's) that measured how certain foods affect your blood sugar and insulin response, try to avoid things over 50, which is about boarderline to cause high insulin...remember eat your protein before every meal, my mom has been telling me that for years and i finally understand it HAHA.. thanks mom!Let me say again, protien before everything, now this is only an inkling of what I want to tell you, maybe later I can talk to you about how to excersise that will help you loose weight.ok.. BAD THINGS! = anything with sugar added, juice, pop, candy all the bad things, FAST FOOD is bad, its really high in fat, but hey there are a few places I eat out at fast food like once a weekhaha. Um lets see, coffee, diet pop, aspertame or any kind of fake sugar, there are so many nasty ass censored in those things might as well smoke a pack a day if you gonna drink a couple coffees a day lmao. Caffiene is so bad for you, it fecks wit yo censored bra, i mean it messes with your mind, gets u high as a kite for like 2 hours then u crash, try to avoid all those things for like 2 weeks and tell you me how you feel. If you must drink coffee, go to starbucks, dont order DECAFE cause they use mad chemicals to get rid off the caffiene, order SWISS WATER WASH, it is a natural way to remove caffience and still tastes like coffee but wtf why would anyone wanna drink that censored doesnt even make u high. only can have a little bit of rice and pasta and frieds ETcetcetc, stuff that you know is high in carbs or fat.Lay off the sugar man, you need to drink water water water water for two weeks and you will feel great.Ok GOOD THINGS!!!:!:!:!:!: woot fun stuff... lets see..steak and caeser salad! damn good, but try to limit the steak to like 10oz or less because you can only effectivly use 30-40 grams of protien in 1 sitting, the rest is excess calories, but really who wants to eat like half of a steak and a salad, LOL. Also, you can have hambergalers and stuff, but make sure they have a fatass burger, or else its just all carbs no protien, remember protien first, it slows the obsorption of the carbs so your insulin doesnt spike and no glucagon is used(fat burning tool, diabetics dont secrete this oozing liquidy goodness, also harder to loose wieght.)another good thing, eat every two hours, or so, breakfast, two hours later have snack, two hours later have lunc two hours latre have snack two hours later have dinnarrr two hours later have snack then u can have a snack before bed if you want. Keep the snacks at two swaps(1 swap is 9 carbs, 7grams of protien(1 oz of cheese ham beef etc or 1 egg) and 3 gm of fat) and keep the meals around 4 or 5, try to limit yourself to like friggin 20 swaps a day MANG, see I dont know how tall or big you are so I cant say really much yet. Maybe post some specs(like your sellin a car, how bigs the trunk? LOL!)Seriously, talk to me baby, follow this for 2 weeks, along with 30 minutes a day on the eliptical trainer at heart rate, which is your age minus twenty, start off at what you feel comfortable while pushing your self but still feel comfortable, make sure you do a 5 minute low heart rate warmup to get to heartrate, then do 20 minutes at heart rate, then another 5 cool down to get back down to near resting. So really its only 20 mins of work haha.Like I said, two weeks all im asking, i know you will loose weight and feel so much better without all the crap(sugar caffeine and chemicals). I decided to post this here because I want people to help me help this dood. Tweak this thing, help him out, I am no expert and take this with a grain of salt, im only 17, but im getting my life and weight on track and I have researched this and listened to many people about this. We need everyones support here, because maybe we are doing something never done before.. this is the first race, backwards, down, to loose. Rockets incredible insane race to loose 50lbs, of course, if you want, you really should post up on here what you are doing for the day eating wise and excersise and how you feel, because man with support and a group of people behind you and wanting to help, it works.But hey I would understand if you not wanting to do this online, or even at all, maybe you just wasted my time but hey I dont care I just lost with a straight flush, plus ima younging, which is true, but im not an idiot, and I know poker and I know how to loose weight and I know what works...Just a bad beat preach tats all..FCP UNITE! Read my censored, all the smart people who workout etc etc or want to help out, read it and edit it tell me what you think!Seriously man it only takes a little effort, and with our help I bet u can loose 50 pounds in like, 5 months. censored cinch. Im just asking you to try it for 2 weeks, EASY!
    I think I just lost 2 whole lbs reading this post.Thanx. :club:
  3. I've lost 6 buyins over three daysI'm still at 10 dollar buyins because I'm poorWhen I get to 400, I'll move up-probably be going to limit after I get this damn FT bonus the other half (1/2 way since the first of March isn't too bad, but damn it's tough to clear)
    Vade, just play the .05/.10 NL games and the $5 or $10 SnGs to get your bonus quicker.
  4. I think it's a good check. He put you on 3 kings in your hand, which would have obviously beaten his quad queens. He was close.
    I hope you're joking.Also... That thing about calling down to see his cards... that was not a good point. Since when is seeing his cards more important than making money in poker?
    I think in a tournament game it's sometimes good to see what someone is betting with, often times information is more improtant than the chips at the present time, in the future calling him can either save you or make you even more chips. Like I said, it's just my opinion. Of course it really does depend on the situation. If you think that the person will call your raise then by all means reraise. But if this person has been betting strong throughout the whole time and no one has yet to really see what he has, then I think it's ok to just call just to see what he has. It's almost the same as when someone calls someone else just to see their cards even when they know they are beat, to gather information.
  5. I could be wrong, but I've done it before against aggressive players. Even though I have the monster nuts I will sometimes just call against an aggressive player because more than likely if I raise he will fold and I will never see what he was betting with. By just calling his bet, I'll gather, and so will the rest of the table, more info by seeing what he was betting with. Alot of times I think it's better to have that kind of info, rather than having more chips. But that's just my opinion.

  6. In a live tourney about a month ago, this guy (he had about a 2:1 chip lead on me) was trash talking a bit and he thought he was pretty good, so anyway, I find myself in a pot with him, I had 88, hit a set on flop. He bets the flop I raise, turn he checks, I bet he calls, river I bet a decent amount and he calls, he shows his pair of 10s. Then I guess he bent down to get his beer and couldn't find it, I said to him, "You looking for your chips?" And I pointed to my stack and said, "They're over here." He went on tilt after that and lost 2 hands later. :D

  7. Well.... I finally got a real job... So I'll have a little cash pretty soon... So maybe I'll join you guys at some point soon.What limits do you play Ben?Another note.... Anyone else ever play in the Rockford Charitable Games?... they come in the area every couple weeks and have some fairly weak spread limit games that are fun.
    That's funny, I was just in a friendly tourney last week and one of the guys mentioned the Rockford Charitable group. He said they have some pretty high stake games as far as tourneys go. They have a $300 one coming up soon.
  8. Fun tournament. I'm looking to get in another one when I can. Thanks for allowing me to play.was doing pretty good up until the game switched from Razz to 7 card stud and I thought we were still playing Razz. Lost a good amount in that hand and couldn't really recover after that. :oops:

  9. Hey, I'm also from Chicago, I don't really like going to the Casinos in East Chicago. I normally play tournaments at hom games. Although we get together just about every weekend to play tournaments.Anyway, do the Casinos offer NL Tourney's? How much? I'm only a few minutes away from the casinos right in Indiana.

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