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  1. Why do alot of people think that calling a raise with "garbage hands" is always stupid or not to bright? Personally, I think there's nothing really wrong with that. Why do people think that you should ONLY call with top starting hands? Heck, I've read daniel's Journals and other players' journals and they talk about some of the hands they've gone in with. My thing is that if everyone would always go in with prime hands then the game would be so much easier. But that's just my opinion.
  2. I think I just lost 2 whole lbs reading this post.Thanx.
  3. GalloFXIt'd be cool to know who else from here plays at FTP.I'm normally at the SnGs.
  4. Vade, just play the .05/.10 NL games and the $5 or $10 SnGs to get your bonus quicker.
  5. I hope you're joking.Also... That thing about calling down to see his cards... that was not a good point. Since when is seeing his cards more important than making money in poker?I think in a tournament game it's sometimes good to see what someone is betting with, often times information is more improtant than the chips at the present time, in the future calling him can either save you or make you even more chips. Like I said, it's just my opinion. Of course it really does depend on the situation. If you think that the person will call your raise then by all means reraise. But if this per
  6. I could be wrong, but I've done it before against aggressive players. Even though I have the monster nuts I will sometimes just call against an aggressive player because more than likely if I raise he will fold and I will never see what he was betting with. By just calling his bet, I'll gather, and so will the rest of the table, more info by seeing what he was betting with. Alot of times I think it's better to have that kind of info, rather than having more chips. But that's just my opinion.
  7. In a live tourney about a month ago, this guy (he had about a 2:1 chip lead on me) was trash talking a bit and he thought he was pretty good, so anyway, I find myself in a pot with him, I had 88, hit a set on flop. He bets the flop I raise, turn he checks, I bet he calls, river I bet a decent amount and he calls, he shows his pair of 10s. Then I guess he bent down to get his beer and couldn't find it, I said to him, "You looking for your chips?" And I pointed to my stack and said, "They're over here." He went on tilt after that and lost 2 hands later.
  8. That's funny, I was just in a friendly tourney last week and one of the guys mentioned the Rockford Charitable group. He said they have some pretty high stake games as far as tourneys go. They have a $300 one coming up soon.
  9. I usually play with a small group in Chicago, but usually on weekends though.We sometimes go out and try and find other tourney's during the weekends though.
  10. Fun tournament. I'm looking to get in another one when I can. Thanks for allowing me to play.was doing pretty good up until the game switched from Razz to 7 card stud and I thought we were still playing Razz. Lost a good amount in that hand and couldn't really recover after that. :oops:
  11. Hey, I'm also from Chicago, I don't really like going to the Casinos in East Chicago. I normally play tournaments at hom games. Although we get together just about every weekend to play tournaments.Anyway, do the Casinos offer NL Tourney's? How much? I'm only a few minutes away from the casinos right in Indiana.
  12. I'm kinda new here to the boards, just been lurking for about a month or so, mainly reading the articles and stuff like that. Anyway, I've been at FTP for quite some time and play there everyday, just wondering if it'd be ok to join in this Horse tournament.Thanx.By the way at FTP I'm GalloFX
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