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  1. Survivor: Guatamala had Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard, who were both likable, but I agree that no one from this Season (other than Rob & Russell) represent that sort of popularity.It isn't the same. Yeah, Andrea is still out anyway Rob no longer has the Idol. Basically you are saying it is poor strategy to vote for someone who has an Idol be cause he might play it.
    Yes it is poor strategy. Rob wasn't able to use the idol anyway after the five, that was the last time he was able to use it. So it would've been the same thing anyway.
  2. can't argue with 100,00 being great incentive! But that is the problem. They were playing for that only. Any competitor would have been trying to get rob out right after the merge while still maintaining numbers. I would have tried to get Matt on my side instead of blindsliding him a second time. Using matt and the other tribe members to vote rob off. Even if you fail and get voted out then you can look in the mirror knowing you did what you had to do. Agreed once you let it get to 5 and rob with an idol it is too late.of course I am just monday morning quarterbacking. if I was on the show I probably would be the first one voted out! no illusions here---
    But Matt couldn't be trusted. Even Andrea didn't trust Matt after he threw her under the bus. Matt went to Zapatera and said he was aligning with them, then he switched his mind and told Rob everything leaving Andrea out to dry. Although I agree they should have voted Rob off after they had the big numbers post merge.
  3. agree with you going after phillip would have been a better strategy but you have to go after Rob. As a competitor, it is the only move. You do not play for second. If you fail then so be it. Atleast you were voted off doing what is the best chance for you to win. I would rather finish 5th trying to win then second by helping the eventual winner. Of course I am asking alot by expecting them to start playing the game. They showed from day one they had zero idea how to play--great posts by Mercury and Gov-- agree agree agree
    Also, if I remember correctly, 2nd and 3rd get like $100,000. So that could also play into the strategy.Ok, so say the girl alliance of Andrea, Natalie and Ashley vote for Rob. All votes for Rob don't count because he used the idol, so Andrea gets voted out anyway. Then you're left with same scenario.
  4. I don't understand not voting for someone because they have the Idol, further ensuring that they continue to have the Idol and you still can't vote for him. At least put the fear of a vote into him so he has to play the idol at some point.
    Because they can use it? It's about the power of the idol. What they should've done is vote off Phillip.Also, I think I can see how it would've been difficult to vote off Rob. If you try to flush the idol by voting off Rob and he does use it, then you're head is next on the chopping block. Rob was a HUGE threat to win any immunity challenge. If he wins any of immunity challenge then you're gone.
  5. How does no one ever take a shot at Rob? It really seemed like everyone else was content to just take an extended vacation. OK. Lets say that his tribe felt that he was the leader they needed to eliminate the other tribe. But how do they not even try to take him out after that has happened? Did Grant think that he could just coast to the Final and then make his case to the Jury? Rob was the only one on his entire tribe actually playing the game. Amazing. Don't get me wrong, he deserved the win. If he didn't win I was ready to say that this game is seriously broken.And Matt. I just watched the penultimate episode - what a little bitch he was.
    It could possible be due to the fact that Rob had the Hidden Immunity Idol. During the Reunion Show Ashley and Natalie mentioned they knew he had it. I wonder when Rob let them know he had the Idol.Also, I am sooooooooooo glad they didn't have "The Fallen" scene, I always hated watching that part of Survivor.
  6. great points but Phillip kinda got what he deserved. He had treated them that way the whole game so I can understand giving him the same medicine. But it does seem like tact is becoming extinct.Agreed can not say how i would react but the bitterness is amazing. Nathalie was the one who i felt sorry for. They called her creepy, weird and useless several times. I mean the girl's only 19. Leave her alone. Rob was the only one to see she needed help and was loyal so you rail her because you couldn't play her like rob did. Julie is amazing creature as well. You take the low road and hide a man's pants and then preach standards. WOW! Julie was the one to push throwing the challenge to get rid of Russell which only led to the entire downfall of the tribe. Then at Tribal Council you rant on Nathalie about her bad game play??? Julie's Family should be ashamed not nathalie's.
    Totally agree with the bolded. Do these people not watch the show at all?!? How is it that EVERY season people are bitter at how some people play the game?!? And Natalie is ONLY 19, geez!!! And I loved how Phillip just told Julie, "The hell with you!!"
  7. "I've done so much that's never been done on this show before" (about 3:07) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d-Gu1PaASs Sorry, but he's pretty full of himself with that comment, ie. pompous. The only thing he ever did that's different is that one metal song he sang with Zack Wylde playing the guitar. The rest of the time he sang normal songs in a half assed wanna-be Lambert sort of way.
    Didn't Adam sing with KISS? IDK if KISS is considered metal tho, since it's not my type of music.Also I think the difference between Durbin and singers like Lambert, Daughtry, Cook was that they were able to take older songs and make them sound current. They would put their own spin on the songs. Durbin was just stuck in the 80s/90s.
  8. I love the Phillip winning scenarios here.Though part of me actually wants Rob to win so they don't keep bringing him back every damn season. Just let him win and retire from Survivor forever.
    I'm a big fanboy of Rob, loved him since his first season. Although if that scenario with Phillip happens, then I could deal with Rob not winning.Also, can I get some damn credit that I was the first one that thought that Phillip might not actually be crazy!!!
  9. I want Rob to win, if Rob does not win I want James to win for sure and I sure as shit hopes it plays out something even remotely close to loosh's explanation.Not sure if I like the Grant over Natalie vote. Rob must have some pretty extreme confidence that he has Natalie more than Ashley does cause as mentioned before those 2 girls + a RI returnee could be disastrous for Rob.Still curious how much longer he has to use the hidden immunity and if he will choose to use it at all.
    Oh reeeeeeeally? I guess they all look alike, huh? :club:
  10. I don't think Rob has a chance of going to Final 3. Whoever comes back from RI probably is looking to eliminate him ASAP. Matt doesn't like him. Not sure if Grant would take Rob to F3 after this past episode. Pretty sure Andrea has never really trusted Rob. Mike may be the only one.Philip has been looking to kick out Rob for the longest. In a private interview on CBS.com Ashley thinks she can beat Rob, so she might take him. Natalie totally trusts him.The way I think it's going to play out is that this next RI will be the last one, the winner will come back to join the other 4, the rest will be the jury.Edit: Thinking about it, having the immunity Idol right now is the best thing for Rob and could therefore make the F3.

  11. wtf was he whining about with bringing something new to Idol?he only sang one metal song (that I remember). the rest of the time he was trying to hard to sound like adam.sorry jimmy, this ain't you
    Totally agree. I was like WTF do you mean you brought something new to Idol? Really? You do remember Adam, right?!? Such a freakin whiner. I'm pulling for Haley and Scotty. I think Lauren is very good, but I think she is still holding back some.
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