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  1. Couple updates:
    • Added two new venue locations
    • Running 12 games per week now across 3 locations 6 nights per week
    • Have had over 5,200 player 'buyins' to date
    • Have had over 300 unique players to date
    • Hired 2 tournament directors and hiring a 3rd TD later this month
    • Company turned a profit in July of this year, but reinvested into new equipment for 2 new locations so should show profit again by year end.

    Glad to hear it's been a success thus far. Congrats DNA!!
  2. Really?I must have missed the episode where the white guy said to another white guy: "Let's unite because I'm half white like you. I'd like to see a white guy make it to the end of this. And that other white guy will probably go with us."I do remember the episode where the gay guy had a crush on the cute but straight white guy who accepted the situation not because he was gay, but because he thought the friendship and alliance would be worth it.
    They don't have to say, "hey I'm white, you're white so let's align." It just happens. And honestly, I don't think you'd understand anyway. Why? Because honestly, if you're not a minority then you really don't know what it feels like.
  3. the real bias is the miniority aliance-- what the hell. It is fine if your minority status creates a bond and then you work together. It is offensive to me that you would just pick a person based on skin color without even determining whether they are a admirable person. That is the strict definition of racism. It is also very sad when the minority alliance is just based on skin color. The true minority on the show is the lady with one leg.
    You may not realize this, but white people do it all the time. I don't think I've ever seen a white guy go up to another black guy first and ask to be aligned on Survivor.But I do agree with your last statement.
  4. Shannon went too far. Calling out the guy and asking if he's gay was definitely over the line. Fabio's ****ing great though, he has NO CLUE whats going on and its hilarious. The old tribe is standard, and they'll be really boring. Honestly, I don't think the show will be as great without Shannon, but Fabio's gonna carry the show just based on how stupid he is. Naonka is also some crazy black bitch, and I wish they'd stop getting idiots like her on the show.
    The most screwed up thing with this is that it sooooooooo stereotypical and it really makes black women look dumb/ghetto/crazy.
  5. I had some issues, but generally it was very good. One thing: why did we see Omar (Michael K. Williams) for 3 seconds in an absolutely meaningless scene and with no introduction of who his character is even slightly, and then not see him for the entire rest of the extended episode? It's a completely unnecessary tease and it just seemed odd. It was like a cameo, except he's apparently a major cast-member. The whole episode I was waiting to see who Omar was (it would have been too funny if he was one of the stick-up boys in the woods - obviously it wasn't gonna be that but it crossed my mind for a second during the episode).There were just a few other little things like that which annoyed me and seemed sloppy even, like two guys with shotguns firing about nine rounds in succession. This is 1920, right?Half of the people we followed through the first episode wound up dead by the end of it. It kind of felt like they crammed a whole season's worth of events into one episode. I liked a lot of it, but some of it was kind of too theatrical. Also, the opening credits were absolutely awful. Show me some glittery lights or something, or at least don't be all moody and depressing. Sheesh. I was afraid that was going to bode badly for the episode but don't get me wrong - I enjoyed it a lot and am totally into this show now, I just wish it had been better and I'm curious if the rest of the season is going to be done in that same style.Steve Buscemi was predictably fantastic. I definitely didn't expect that guy to introduce himself as Al Capone - I thought it was a really funny 'cameo' but now it seems like he's a character, possibly a main character. Could be good, also I could be wrong about how recurring his character is gonna be.
    Half of the people wound up dead? Which ones? I don't really remember that many people getting killed, except at the end. It's sort of like the Godfather movies where a bunch of people die, this seems like it's going to follow the same formula.I also really enjoyed the "cameo" by Al Capone, I thought it was awesome and never thought that was him.
  6. of course I get the chick with 1 leg
    You run good......
    Figures I would get 17th spot AGAIN!!!!!!!Hooray for random draft though, this guy seems decent actually .....Name: Chase Rice (24)Tribe: La FlorCurrent Residence: Fairview, N.C.Occupation: Pro Race Car JackmanPersonal Claim to Fame: Winning the John Lotz Award. It is awarded to the student at the University of North Carolina that overcomes the most adverse circumstances.Inspiration in Life: My father. I found out after he passed away that I got more from him in 22 years than most people get in a lifetime. He was always there for me no matter what.Hobbies: Working on cars, riding 4-wheelers, hunting.Pet Peeves: Lazy people.3 Words to Describe You: Adventurous, athletic, competetive.SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: JT, the man's from the South. I've gotta stick with my southern roots.Reason for being on SURVIVOR: It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.chase-rice-survivor-nicaragua.jpgHe is so dreamy
    Jeff Probst actually picks him as a favorite.
  7. Well at least we got a swim coach..She should be good at the water challenges.
    Just watched a preview of all the contestants and this season's show on TV Guide, I have some bad news for you...they said there weren't going to be that many, if any, swimming challenges because the waters are bit rough and because it is divided between old and young the challenges weren't going to be THAT demanding when it comes to physical.
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