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  1. I really don't think it is difficult to come to a general consensus of what the board is, especially if you have a lotalready invested in the hand. We know the one guy had the nut flush, and the other guy had a full house draw.Based off of that information alone we can pretty much already reconstruct the hand. Was going to write a lot more, but too tired.
    I was using my hand as an example, 2 of the players that were in the nand said there was a 5x, the floor came by looked through the muck and there was absolutely no 5. So what do you do in this situation?
  2. As a TD myself, I haven't read the spoiler, nor any of the replies yet. I'll answer and then go back and read to see if I get it right...In my opinion the only thing possible is to divide the pot based on equity. The player with two pair had four outs, and thus an approximate 8% chance to win the pot. He gets 8% of the pot, the other player gets 92% of the pot.I remind the players that this is a human game, and honest mistakes are sometimes made, and this is the fairest ruling I can make based on the circumstances.Edit: Well, at least my answer is unique. In my defense, our rulebook addresses the fact that the floor has the power to determine when an equity situation exists and to award the pot accordingly.I also agree with the idea that whatever makes the players happy in this situation works for me. I made a ruling like that a few weeks ago.
    I feel like that is a pretty awful ruling. I don't see the difficulty in putting the exact same board back out, re-shuffling the deck and dealing the river. This seems like the most fair way to go about it.
    This is very interesting.Last week I was playing $1/$2 at the casino, I raised PF with JJ, got 2 callers. The flop came out 7c3cX. I checked (had my reasons), next player bets, 3rd player folds, then I call. Just when I was about to put out the call, the dealer had already mucked the flop. So we were trying to figure out what happened, dealer screwed up. So we tried to figure out what to do, we call the floor. Floor ask what the board was, the 2 other players say the board was 7c3c5h, I tell them I don't think it was, but wasn't too sure. So the floor looks through the muck and says that it definitely wasn't the 5c as there was no 5 in the muck. So after some discussion we decide to just split the pot. We showed our hands, villain had QTo. So, yeah, I probably would've preferred the equity way.JSpencer, I think that's the reason why you can't really put the same board out, sometimes people might be wrong as to what the flop cards were.
  3. "Good luck. I shouldn't even shake your hand because that's the dirtiest thing I've ever seen, but I will anyway. Ewwww that's greasy."Way to be the bigger man, DN! You sure showed him how much more class you have by informing him that you have so much class you will be classy to the classless!My respect and admiration has grown for you today.
    Huh? Story?Edit: Nevermind, found it.
  4. Ahh, I thought I had because some of the keyframes for ffwd/rwd are single frame images which you really can't see if you watch the trailer at full speed. Then I did it again and scrubbed back and forth a few times looking for more in the images I may have missed the first time. Now I get it. Okay, that's pretty good.
    Did the screen spazz out on you?
  5. Sure, both the things you bring up are relevant to a certain extent. I just think that when the TV show gives off a distinct impression that two professionals are ganging up on another in and out of hands, you've pushed the boundaries too far. That part of the week's game was a stain on otherwise excellent television in my eyes.And for the record, Tony's berating started before Robl had done anything nitty at all. He didn't straddle, and if you want him out of the game for that fine, but I've seen many, many people refuse to straddle or play 2-7 and get very little ribbing at all and nothing close to what Robl got.Honestly, I think it's a case where the established pros are clearly in the wrong and are generally getting more of the benefit of the doubt than they should be.
    There were probably some hands that were edited out, so there may have been a few times where Robl took awhile to make a decision.
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