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  1. Name one casino that does a redo flop, you have no idea what you are talking about. Any casino would have called the hand dead instantly and gave everybody their chips back. And I also objected to flop redo before they even did it. It's 1 thing to suck out on me on the original flop, it's another thing to take away my original flop and put out a second slot that completely changes everything.Bad troll is bad
    Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN
  2. You're losing an extra 4k in chips when you take the line you do and gathering no extra information. That should probably be enough to detract from taking the c/r line. But you keep ignoring that fact. These guys have given you every example why its bad and why c/c is optimal. This is why so many of the people have grown increasingly frustrated with you because you fail to listen and see why the c/r line you suggest is just so lol bad. And youve contradicted yourself a few times as has been pointed out. Instead, you'd rather be condescending towards them because of how old they are and the difference between live and online play. I understand how difficult it is to say, "You know what guys, I'm just being stubborn, I see what you guys are saying and why. I'm sorry.". After that these guys would be able to help out more and answer almost any question in that. There's no shame in admitting you're wrong.Honestly, pretty sure everyone is done with this and just hope that others who do read this thread learn from it.

  3. I understand you want to be able to make the easiest decision possible, fine. I've been guilty of that at times. But not every decision is going to be easy, but over time decisions will become easier when you learn to try and take the most optimal line. And the only way to learn is by listening to guys who have the results to show it. You say you don't care who these guys are and what they've done, if you or anyone else wants to learn then you probably should because that's one of the best ways to get better at this game.---------If you're going to c/r flop, then you might as well just jam, it's the easiest way to find out if you're ahead or not.

  4. Ok, I told myself I wasn't going to make a reply in here because I basically didn't want to get dragged into this. Aka, listen, I'm much older than these guys (donk, trueace, stupid and higway) siggggh. But I've learned a ton from these guys and other players their age. I've been able to check my ego at the door when I've discussed hands with these guys and because I've been able to do that I've listened more and learned even more about poker and hopefully have become a better player because of them. My results are not as good as these guys, maybe TrueAce :club:, but I'm happy with everything I've learned and I'm happy with how my game evolved. So, tbh, just check your ego and listen and take in what they're trying to help you with. You have asked them numerous times to discredit your c/r strategy and they have and then they gave you reasons why and showed you what the best line to take when you check the flop.Let me try this.When you c/r flop here are the results.1. Villain folds. (We no longer allow him to keep betting worse hands and therefore do not increase our stack, in other words we lose value)2. Villain shoves, we fold. (If we were behind a hand like AQ or AJ we can no longer catch up to him because we never ever get to see the turn or the river. So now we can't draw out and we've lost an extra 4k when we could've seen the turn for a much cheaper price.)3. Villain just calls and we check the turn. (Um, this is pretty bad. You say you assume that villain will most often check here, right? If that's the case then not only have you given villain a great price to call for his draw, but now you've also given him the river as well. Are you checking the river as well? Are you betting? Are you folding if he bets river? I think if you've taken this line, you have to call a ton of river bets if the flush didn't get there and you still have no real clue as to "where you're at" because your hand is under repped.)There is a reason why the "young internet kids" have been doing so well in "live" tournaments. Even Daniel has changed his game a bit and started to take in and learn from these "young internet kids".Edit: And no disrespect to Irishguy for not mentioning you, only because I don't think I've ever spoken to you. But he's also made some very good points.

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  5. Not really. I seem to see a lot of similar responses.I don't have any beef with you, Kurt, and I respect you, but please just read the replies around mine and you'll see that there was quite a bit of agreement and similar posts.Now if you'll excuse me, I have another dramabomb thread to make.
    Doubt that ever happens.
  6. Alright, quick update. A few months ago I brought the chairs to a get together with some work people in Bolingbrook. I didn't forget them, but when we left people were still using them, so I'd planned to pick them up another time...still hasn't happened. BUT I just asked the guy who hosted at work the other day if he has them, and he does in the garage.Now, I do apologize for doing this Ben, but I said he may as well keep them at this point. He was like "no no, don't worry about it, they're not taking up much space or anything". So it looks like I should have them back soon. If you need them, I'll get the guys address and you can pick them up in Bolingbrook.
  7. I'm ready for this season to start tomorrow. Doesn't look like you guys are doing a draft so I'll throw my .02 in about the cast (not that it would help anyone).Finally got around to watching the short cast interviews, but didn't watch Probst's. I don't know if he films his before the season gets recorded, or if he does it after so his predictions seem smarter so I regard his as a spoiler and don't watch.Ok, probably going to be laughing about these in a month.......
    I've watched them before and it seems he does it after. But he doesn't really go into detail. He's a good judge of character too.
  8. I sort of felt that because not everyone had pokerstars $ anymore that we might not be doing one again.Gallo - I think SilentSnow meant that we could go back to the usual draft, random order but you pick your own player. Last year from all the speculation of spoilers we just did a random draft which really wasn't as fun imo.
    Ok, I remember now. Yeah, we did actually do a draft.
  9. If you guys are doing your survivor pool, you can go back to choosing the candidates rather than a random draw.There are no real spoilers this year. In fact, most years did not turn out to have accurate spoilers. Season 20 was the only year ever in which you knew in advance who was going to win- which is why I pointed it out. The reason why is because 19 and 20 were filmed at the same time, and the same person posted the correct spoilers for both seasons.
    I don't think we've ever selected the Survivors, I think we have always done a random draw. And there are always spoilers, you just have to know where to look. I mean, one might not find the actual winner, but one can find which people were possibly voted out early and that is unfair.
  10. Josh thought Aldridge was the most difficult opponent remaining when they were 4-handed and said Aldridge was a lot more knowledgeable about the game than he looked/acted. Aldridge also has a bracelet and we didn't think it was a "zomg i has top pair I call" but rather a well-thought out call (even though it was pretty much a snap call when Josh jammed he had thought about his decision while Josh was tanking).
    Aldridge actually probably should've won after Josh got KO'd. Will had a huge suckout vs Aldridsge. He caught a runner runner flush vs Aldridge's AA. Will floated the flop with nothing, no draws or pairs and runner runnered a 8-hi flush.
  11. These were the stack sizes before the start of Josh's hand:Level 33: 100,000-200,000, 25,000 anteSeat 1. Joshua Pollock - 5,325,000Seat 3. Will Failla - 3.375,000Seat 5. Ken Aldridge - 6,850,000Seat 6. Jeff Vertes - 8,175,000I am not sure if Aldridge's flop c/r is standard, but once he made that raise and Josh jammed, the pot was about 7,050,000. It was about 3,600,000 more for Aldridge to make the call so he was getting just about 2 to 1 to call. He made the call fairly quickly so he probably already decided that he was calling a jam while Josh was tanking to the c/r. They've played quite a bit together over the last couple days so I think Aldridge made the call believing that his hand had more than 33% equity against Josh's 3-bet jam range on that flop. After that hand Josh and many others agreed that Aldridge made a good call.GG Josh very nice run.
    Do you really think he believed that? :club:
  12. I'm surprised Javier won. The sequencing of the final performance show was bad for him. Plus Adam Levine made a poor song choice for the duet, plus Levine is a terrible singer and the duet performance was bad (imo) as a result.Some thoughts:-the original song idea was bad. One of the good things about this show was that they actually sang songs that people knew. I didn't really like any of the songs much. Dia's song/performance was the best, followed by Vicci.-After watching this season, I gained a lot of respect for Cee-Lo. I've been a fan since Gnarles Barkley, but he is just a funny/awesome dude. I didn't know anything about Blake Shelton before, but I gained a lot of respect for him too. I lost whatever respect I had for christina and Adam Levine. Both came across as ego-centric douches.-Miranda Lambert is surprisingly unnattractive up close. Biggest forehead ever?-Relly, Christina? You chose your own song for the finale duet? I know you see this show as a big PR event for you, but could you at least pretend it's about the contestants for the finale?-Maroon 5 is gay. This is going back a few episodes, but that 'move it like jagger' song was terrible. Worst performance of that night by far.-Cee-lo and Vicci' Love is a battlefield performance was possibly the highlite of the season for me. Cee-lo is a genius. I'm surprised this performance didn't get Vicci into the top 2.-'Won't back down' was ok, but the other 2 duets were terrible.-I didn't like Beverley's original song performance. I was surprised she got a standing O from the judges.-I thought it was really rude of Adam and Christina to spend all their time criticizing Blake for the Shadow Box dancers after Dia's excellent performance. It's the biggest moment of her life, and you think this is the appropriate time to poke fun at Blake for a questionable production decision? You are both giant D bags.-Christina looked like trailer trash at the results show.
    The only original song I liked was the one by Dia, I didn't like any of the other songs. You bring up the duet performances. People vote on the solo performance only. There are a few ways that people vote one is by downloading the song. If the download the duet it doesn't count as a vote, only if they download the solo performance. This is a pretty big deal. I really liked Colon, but I thought Dia was gonna win. I really thought Vicci's performance last week with the drums was awesome.
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