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  1. I doubt she can get the whole $10M. If I remember correctly (and they are using the same "rules"), Beal can refuse to play someone at any point and force them to put a new player in. I think this is what he did to Lederer on more than one occasion. But, it has been a while since I read the book.Michael
  2. So from the sounds of things, I have to do it all in person? Good thing I am getting there on Sunday.Thanks for the help folks!Michael
  3. Hey all...I am going to be playing in the $1,500 event that starts on the 27th of June. I went to Harrah's official WSOP site and the link to find out about registering takes you to some page about a Jeff Gordon [charity] tournament. I was wondering if anyone can help me out with info on how to get registered for that event? Also, I am planning on arriving in Vegas early on Sunday the 25th...after registering, is there anything else that needs to be taken care of in person?Last question...a buddy of mine is going to come out for a few days. He was interested in maybe playing a single table sat
  4. For what it is worth, I met Joe at the last two Howard Lederer poker camps (April 05 and December 05). I got to spend some time with him at the poker table and away from it. With the other comments not withstanding, he was a good player in April and a much better player in December, so I was not surprised to hear that he won the UB tournament. As to all of the other stuff, I can't comment...but he is quite a good player with a very good understanding of the game.Michaelps - Also for what it is worth, Shawn was at the last poker camp and he and Annie were quite chatty during the event...so to h
  5. For those that may not know...the co-author of this book (Lee Nelson) just took down the Aussie Millions tournament for a just shy of a million bucks.And the book is pretty good too!Michael
  6. I am sure you can add Chip Reese, Barry Greenstein, Lyle Berman and Jen Harmon to the list...as well as just about anyone who is a regular member of the "Big Game"
  7. Kubrickb:Actually, you are wrong...The Professor (played in Shade by Hal Holbrook) was based on a real person...a magician by the name of Dai Vernon. Vernon is considered by many in the magic community to be one of the top two or three most important magicians of the last century. In the case of the movie and Holbrook, he even looked alot like Vernon (who died in...1992 I think). Do a quick Google search and you will see what I mean. The reason Vernon was an important link in Shade is because he was the magician who is probably most singularly responsible for the integration of card mechanics
  8. Raising the buy-in would only serve to limit a very few number of players to the WSOP in general and the ME in particular. Pokerstars by itself accounted for slightly more than 20% of the 5,600 or so people that played (over 1,100). So, of the 5,600 there, how many do you think got there through Pokerstars, UltimateBet and PartyPoker? Not to mention all of the other sites? They could raise the entry fee to $100,000 and the online sites would still be sending a vast number of people there. They would just have to start the process earlier in the year and I bet they could send even more people a
  9. mx957:And golf is, as far as I know, legal in all states...so it is not an issue to hold multiple regional and sectional qualifiers. With poker, there are but a few locations you could do this...a more complicated situation. But I agree with your point.
  10. leebs12:While I agree with alot of your sentiment, I disagree with how you try to make an example.There are no minor league players in the MLB world series because it is not open to them. Were MLB to say that, for a price, a minor league player could buy his way in so that he could showcase his talents and get a percentage of the money paid to the players...don't you think they would all be falling over themselves to do so? Of course they would...and in the WSOP it is open to everyone who can plunk down the required amount of cash to play.However, to say that a $50K buy-in HORSE or HOSE or any
  11. Tape? I use a program called Camtasia and you can check it out at http://www.camtasia.com and see if that is what you are looking for. There are cheaper alternatives, but you get what you pay for in this case.Michael
  12. Are there any online sites that spread a HORSE or even a SHOE game?Michael
  13. BluesFan:You might want to check out a free program called PokerStove (pokerstove.com I believe). It is great for running what if situations like what you were asking about...Michael
  14. Not worrying about suited other than making sure the guy with 22 didn't have the 2c and the AA and AKs were not stepping on each other, here are some rough numbers:Preflop:AA - 56.3%AKs - 9.16%QQ - 18.4%22 - 16.1%Flop:AA - 5.5%AKs - 2.55%QQ - 9.14%22 - 82.8%Turn:AA - 2.5%AKs - 0%QQ - 5.0%22 - 92.5%These are rough numbers (we don't know what the discards were and some other small factors), but they should get you pretty close.Is that what you are looking for?Michael
  15. What suites for the AA, AKs and QQ?Michael
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