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  1. I have to laugh at all the ignorant people who believe that there is "NO WAY IN THE WORLD ANYTHING CAN BE RIGGED". You people cannot be serious. Of course there is a chance that a particular website can be "rigged" or fixed". Only the designer/programmer know for sure. And maybe the auditor if he is good. Now I'm not saying that any gambling site is rigged (although I have my doubts about Full tilt) but it can be done.
  2. At the level you are playing it is going to take you years to clear your bonus. hehe Seriously though if you want to stay at those levels and still clear your bonus quicker you need to play some heads up sit-n-gos at $20.00, $50.00 or $100.00. Or if you don't want that much action you should jump into a $3-6 limit game. I cleared $100 bonus dollars in just 5 days playing nothing but heads up action and made $700 (woohoo!). The competition in the heads up matches was mostly laughable but I seem to always run into some great players at the $1/2 no limit level.Good luck!
  3. If you want to clear your bonus quickly on fulltilt play some heads up sit-n-gos. I have cleared over $100.00 in just over ten days and haven't played all that much. (Much less than 30 hours)
  4. For instance why is it called the krablar and who named it so?
  5. I should have read the whole thread before I posted. Let me amend my last post to just this: "DROOL"
  6. Daniel said "you deserve a good beat" meaning the opposite of a bad beat.
  7. I beleive they play a pre-tourney of rock, paper, scissors to decide who sits at what table. And then they play one of those carnival games where you have to fill up a water balloon with a squirt gun from 10 feet away to decide which seat you get. First to bust his balloon gets seat #1, the second burst ballon gets seat #2 and so forth. :)FYI... it is "divining" rod not "dividing" rod. It is a device (either wood or metal shaped like a Y) used for among other things to dectect water that is under the ground.
  8. One of the funniest lines I have read on this site yet!!!
  9. Wow' date=' its good to see you're helpful only to those who give you money' date=' that sounds more like bribery than anything else. I fix computers, thats my job,i dont get paid much, and dont expect to get tipped. By your retarded logic, if im fixing a computer, and they dont tip, I should fix the problem, but not let them know about the virus on it. After all, they are so cheap, they wont pay me personally to do my job, even after they are already paying for the service.[/quote'']Wow, its good to see you're helpful only to those who give you money, that sounds more like bribery than any
  10. I almost always tip something when I am winning or if I get an especially good dealer. Tipping helps get the dealer on your side. When I was dealing years ago if someone tipped me I made sure to look out for them while they were at the tables. Sometimes it comes down to the dealer's final say if there was a string raise or if someone read their hand correctly. I remember one hand that a "good" tipper had an ace high flush and the "bad" tipper had a straight flush although he didn't realize it. I am pretty sure I was the only one that noticed what he had but I wasn't going to help this jerk out
  11. I 2'nd the Layne Flack profile idea. :eh:
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