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  1. What's up guys? I've been busy with a whole bunch of life things including a prop-bet so that I haven't been able to post in awhile. I've become really bored with the standard free weight routine (5x5, Texas Method) and am making the transition for awhile to kettlebell workouts alongside my jiu-jitsu and other cardio work. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Haven't read through everything, but some of the plans I've read are pretty lol. Good job to everyone else for keeping with it. I'm still cross training jiu-jitsu w/weights and added kettlebells. I've also started a new type of yoga/bodyweight/cardio fusion system called ginastica natural.
  3. Depends. A really skillful guy that weighs not so much against a big ogre with basic skill... I think you know where I'm going. In my experience, with all things set equal (skill, experience, etc). the heavier player has the advantage. However, most heavy guys give up a ton in quickness and fluidity of movement. In BJJ tourneys, guys like Roger Gracie and Xande (heavy players) are dominant in the Absolute Division (no weight restrictions).
  4. I prefer working from side control against a more skilled opponent because the attacks are endless (and I feel like I have much more control/stabler base) as opposed to the mount, however against a weaker opponent I'll take the mount all day ala Roger Gracie. If you're ever down here in the SD area, we should roll.
  5. Move to South Korea, kidnap a ton of Asians, create a website, export/sell them off as mail-order brides.
  6. I'm still not sold on the 40 minute thing, although most of my workouts take between 40-50 mins. I found an old bench press form check vid as well as some squat, oh press, and random stuff. Depending on how much people make fun of me and hurt my feelings, I'll post more after weeping (Not really these things take forever to upload). Also, not a brag post. If I wanted to do that I would post vids of me running the 400 in 49 flat in corduroys and squatting 600lbs in flip flops. http://s422.photobucket.com/albums/pp303/l...current=003.flv
  7. Randy,For dips: http://www.nku.edu/~issues/weightlifting/MVC-048S.JPGYou can also put some weighted plates on your lap when it becomes too easy. Have you tried doing planks for an ab exercise?
  8. I'm on self-imposed life vacation.
  9. Very solid program, I've used it and the intermediate program with greater success than the standard 3x10 or 3x8 workouts. You might be rethinking that rowing after heavy squatting days, good luck with it though.I've missed about a week of hard workouts due to a groin injury as well as being in Vegas. I made sure to rehab myself there in the best way I could though.I'm either starting Texas this week or looking for a good Oly-hybrid type workout regimen with my jiu-jitsu.
  10. Do you ever get your bodyfat percentages?
  11. The gi I just bought shrunk a full size and fits perfectly now doing what I suggested. I didn't say it was going to be tailor fit, but it should be manageable for training. Grinder,Is it the HCK? Just ship it back. If pants are too huge but the top is right, you can contact the manufacturer directly and place a custom order.
  12. Wash with warm water, dry on regular heat setting checking every 10-15 mins until its shrunk to fit.
  13. You can vary your workout by changing the set to rep ratio, decreasing rest time, super setting, etc with the same exercises and still continue to grow and increase your strength. The reason why beginning and intermediate programs like Stronglifts 5x5 work so well while only using a small number of exercises is that it utilizes progressive loading.You are right in thinking that those core exercises should be included in your workout. Don't forget to add Squats and picking up something heavy and lifting it over your head ala OH Press (which in my opinion is superior to bench press).
  14. Trained judo today with a black belt from the Kodokan in Japan. Rolled tonight in my normal BJJ class for an hour.I've been keeping up with my 5x5, will post my numbers if people really want me to, otherwise I'm too lazy to open up my spreadsheet and post.
  15. From what fights did you do draw this conclusion? He's a black belt under Minotauro and RNC'd a very tough to submit Dan Henderson. His striking skills are so devastating that his jiu-jitsu becomes secondary and underrated.
  16. Royce was well past his prime. Having a superior submission wrestling base with a functional knowledge (purple belt level) of jiu-jitsu is preferable in today's MMA (in my opinion)
  17. Gooch, Who do you train under?Was in Vegas last week, was still able to get some decent workouts in at the Palazzo. Back to the regular regimen of 5x5 and jiu-jitsu. I'll post my numbers this week.
  18. I use this and find it really comfortable. Def a good investment after you've taken feet to the groin.http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/pr...=500&page=1If you decide that you're going to stick with jiu-jitsu also look at picking up some rash guards.
  19. Work on your flexibility, don't have an ego, and just soak up as much as you can. Are you doing gi or no gi?
  20. Still consistent with my 5x5, just been too lazy or indifferent to post my workouts. I found some form check vids I made a while back on the main lifts in my workout: cleans, squats, OH press, bb row, bench if anyone is interested.
  21. He doesn't really have the power.
  22. Posting Weds/Fri workouts:Wed 5-17No squats on mid-week workout interestingly enough for this portion of the program, even if there were my legs were jello.OH Press3x3x180Deadlift3x3x355Weighted Chins1x3x15lbs1x3x30lbs1x3x45lbsFri 5-19Squats1x3x2651x3x3001x3x330 (New workset PR)Bench3x3x220Cleans3x3x200 TG's1x3x15lb1x3x30lb1x3x45lbWent to JJ 4 times this week, took today off as I was so tired my technique and ability to do anything would have been crap.
  23. Haven't been at the computer too frequently the past few weeks. Still doing the 5x5 and JJ everyday.Started the Volume Phase yesterday: I never post my warm-up sets only my work sets, but those can vary between 2-3 sets. Mon 5-16Squat3x3x305Bench1x3x1901x3x2151x3x235Power Cleans1x3x1701x3x1951x3x215 (I think my third rep was really bad form-wise as this is the heaviest I've ever done w/cleans. I'm going to look for some advice from one of the guys I work out with). Dips1x3x151x3x301x3x45JJ today @6. My hams, quads, and entire lower body are completely sore and it feels like my legs are noodles
  24. Dratj,Three days a week is all you need for strength training. Check out the Texas Method or an Advanced 5x5.
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