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  1. Didnt play for 2 weeks due to exams and some family stuff. hopped back on two days ago playing a lot of games. went on a good streak and got it up to 125$. then I moved onto the 5$ games and am currently sitting at $153.46. the biggest additions to my bankroll were final tabling two 1$ on demand rush tournaments. getting 30$ and 15$ in each. Heres hoping i can continue winning at the 5$ level. I will most likely move up to 10$ level at more than 25 big blinds, probably closer to 30. So about 150$ to go. will also be making more updates now.
  2. been stuck going between 55$ and 40$ back and forth. but finally managed to break the 60$ wall. only 65$ more until 5$ games.
  3. A movin on up/bankroll challenge thread would be good.
  4. I havent played a whole lot over the last couple days, maybe 15- 20 SNGs (not bad considering im mainly playing 1 at a time). I went on a losing streak of like 7 games in a row but managed to win a few and got back up. Currently sitting at $55.63Tomorrow I'm playing in a free 20 person live tourny i qualified for and first gets a 300$ ticket for the CPT. Sunday im playing in the $100,000 first deposit freeroll. im mainly hoping just to cash and pick up 9 or so extra dollars, but we'll see. It pays a large percentage so it shouldn't be too bad.
  5. Daniel already has a comfortable amount of money. If playing Poker is your true dream job, why wouldn't you want to compete against the best?Its all about the competition and recognition for the high stakes players and about improving their game. As it should be for anyone who truly loves poker.One of my favorite quotes is "Find something that you would enjoy doing the rest of your life for free. Then find someone to pay you for it"
  6. Hey everyone. Last week i decided to start taking online poker serious. I have won a few freerolls before and inevitably lost that money all due to playinggames outside my bankroll, and just not having experience. After joining a local poker league as well as improving my gamethrough books and crushing free poker sit and gos I deposited 25$ last week on Fulltilt. I decided to keep a 25 sit and go buy in bankroll and originally began playing all the one dollar games i.e. HU, 6max, 9max. After a back and forth grind and not really getting anywhere because of the ridiculous rakethe 1$ games have
  7. Yeah it turns into a crap shoot pretty fast if your playing aggressive. Actually pretty much if anyone plays aggressive.
  8. He's not a bad player, just is awful with the concept of money. At least he has enough skill that he can continue to come back and win.
  9. I must learn your ways. And start playing more MTTs instead of cashI think my ROI will increase a bit. I find I just concentrate a bit better in MTTs
  10. Thanks everyone for their views on thisAs much as everyone says don't do it, I will basically have a year free pass after the next couple yearsto try it out so i figure why not. Secondly thanks for the good advice.I think I will be joining a training site or two beginning of this next year. Other than that the emotion of losing streaks doesn't bother me, I don't reallyget too emotional. Except when I make a bad move, even just losing a BB or two from my own mistake Iwill get mad, but if a donk takes me for my stack 5 times in a row, I usually am fine telling him how good he is playingand hope
  11. Might have to actually check this show out. Although it seems like it wont showcase poker as much as just their lifestyles and end up further pushing me to get better and obtain that kind of lifestyle.Eventually putting me into a deep depression when I don't make it.
  12. Yoel finds it because Yoel is a form of the name Jehovah which means "the Lord". It took him three days because on the first day he separated day from night, on the second day he separated the sea from the sky, and on the third day he separated the sea from the land. since the sea was separate he found the ship right away.
  13. Hey everyone. I'm somewhat new to the forums, have read articles for a few weeks, just finally made an account. Anyways I was wondering what would be the best way to approach tackling poker full time? I don't plan on it anytime soon, but if there is anything i could do now to prepare for that in say 2 years timewhere should i start?
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