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  1. it does not mean anything and is not an arguement against my opinion on DN
  2. guys, whats "knowing someone in person" worth ? nothing. we can live together for life and NOT know each other.the mask of a narcissist falls off very very occasionally and when it does, its very disturbing to see the person behind it, and I think that DN's real self is really scary devilish.
  3. i'm studying psychology, and its my future job to spot people with BPD, NPD, APD, SPD and more, I'm not saying that DN is a 100% NPD, but given the reality of my opening post, he very well could be.
  4. I cant believe that DN's defense here is based on his TV mask, guys get real. In my opening post I tried to point out his obvious real self, based on arguements.do you guys REALLY think that NPD's walk around the world with all the things written on wikipedia on their faces ? absolutely not! as I have already said, the smarter the NPD, he better he is capable of hiding his real self. DN's mask slips off occasionally and his behaviour is very very close to a real NPD's.PH is a classic NPD who is also quite paranoid and can not hide it.
  5. this wikipedia article describes what the NPD is like inside, on the outside however, every NPD has a different mask, the smarter the NPD, the better his mask is, thats why I also said that PH is a classic NPD as his mask is worse than DN'sthis article is however quite good and gives a perfect description of DG's inner world.
  6. 1° its a common thing for people with PDs to have tics2° DN says he does not have a tic, he blames his facial tics on the lights which are "too bright", while in fact, he has the same tics when he is outside.
  7. I dont hate DN, I just say "he is not what he appears to be, in fact, he is totally different from his normal TV self". Btw, Doyle once said that DN was not such a nice guy too
  8. there we go. this is quite strange how you are trying to protect your "hero" from the obvious truth that DN is idd a narcissits. I opened this topic to talk about him and was interested in your opinions about HIM; and instead we are getting replies over me :)come on guys, dont u see that DN is a fake during the shows ?
  9. this is not a flame topic, no need to offend anyone, I hope we can have a civilized discussion here.1° Phil Hellmuth is a classical narcissist, its so clear that I dont think it has to be discussed, he is horrible in poker and should not be there, yet he is addicted to being on TV, eventhough he loses EVERY time. His child in him is so visible that a book on narcissism should be written about Phil.But I think there is another NPD on the poker scene, the oh so cool and fake Daniel Negreanu.2° Daniel Negreanu is a more disguised narcissist, a much smarter one, here are my thoughts about him:a) D
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