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  1. Flat call... C/R turn. You could get a another value bet out of AQ- since your hand could look like a stubborn weak ace, or you may even get some one to run a bluff thinking you have a weakish ace kicker and could fold the turn. I think you're getting another bet a lot on the turn.
  2. Just cause the opening raises are larger live and people seeing the flop are higher. pots getting bigger faster and you have to be pretty deep to have 3 streets of tough decisions.
  3. Stacks you can't bet/fold, so that's obviously out. So the real question is do you have value against a naked K here. Not thinking of results (cause results are non-sense here) He's going to be stick with one pair here if he thinks you're bluffing a draw. If you've completed, he's likely just to give up now. If you check to him, he's usually going to check behind. So IMO, you usually dont' have a value bet here. I think you can C/F here a lot since if he bets, he should have you beat pretty badly. I hate hands like this. He called you down for two streets cause he thought he was catch
  4. yeah. i think we can. I think we put him on Adxd here almost always (obviously this not being one of those times though)For the turn, since he's not solid, he's probably limping q8, 810, 68. Still a c/f
  5. I bet/fold. This flop hit so many hands in the mouth that you should have seen a raise from two pair and set type hands on the flop. 3-way, this board should just be playing much faster if you're up against a big but vulnerable hand. You could easily be up against 2 draws here. If Button or BB wake up with a raise, they probably flopped the nuts and are thanking god that a diamond didn't pop the turn.
  6. Push. You have TPTK with the equivalent of 40bb's (since its live). million more combination of draws, weaker kings and retarded underpairs that the BB can be hold then a 7. If some one caught it, so be it. You're not nearly deep enough to fold this.
  7. 45, 56 of spades. Tone of the thread obviously leads to this is a bluff that called down, but I really think the hand's played like a very convincingly strong hand. I'd have a hard time pulling the trigger with a one pair hand here (especially since I'd given up the lead and gotten 3barreled into). This call would become easier the more aggro-retarded some one is, but against some one on the taggish side, I'd be dumping less than 10+s up most of the time.
  8. Well conversely, by pushing and not betting a borderline thin value bet, you've applied a lot more pressure on marginal one pair hands.
  9. Agree with most. Turn should be $20 and the river turns into a shove.
  10. 3-bet flop. Villian only needs to fold 25% of the time. (Assuming he doesn't have trips, which not a lot of us are giving hiim credit for)
  11. I think this action is an underpair most times. If I'm going to bet, I'm torn between $25 and $30 since I want to make it look like a missed draw since that's all I think he's going to pay. I'd probably say $25 even though $30 looks more like a bluff. Only two hands I could worry about here are AK and KK. (AK because he may c/r us off a chop) but I agree that the doesn't check the turn and river often with these hands.
  12. So you are really basically back to Moneyball's first range where you needed KJ+ to call.
  13. My thoughts: SB vs. CO 3-betting range preflop against an unknown, is a bunch of pairs and a bunch of big cards. Take it for what you want, but it probably looks something like AJ+ and 77+. After his flop lead, he's got 13.5 left and you don't know enough about him to be able to figure out if he fires a second barrel or gives up and C/F's the turn if you're ahead. So do you call off on the 2s, or are you folding? It's basically a blind move since you don't know what he's willing to do here. Also, getting them in (flop or turn) is a blind move too (especially since he's got less than the
  14. Missed the bluffs that were in there. Thought it was all made hands.
  15. C/C turn an re-evaluate river. Over 30 hands, you can't say he's as nitty as his stats would suggest, so he could have AJ here quite a bit. You have a ton of cards in the deck that can get you a free showdown if you're ahead here.If the deuce of diamonds falls and you're bet into again, I guess we have to call anything that looks like a thin value bet 1/2 pot - and fold anything that looks like a big hand trying to get paid.
  16. QFT. It would take real balls of steel to bluff this board if bet into, and likely little reason for any 2 pair combo to bet it.
  17. Gross bet. Either he's super sneaky, or he's trying to committ you to a river call with this little bet. I think this is a fold on the turn always.I think I might push the flop though, considering I'm going to have a really hard time folding the turn against another under card.
  18. I could go either way with raising the flop. He's priced you out from floating with two big cards, so his turn bet has to be something. In mymind, he's flopped a set, draw that got there, or bounced into two pair. Fold the turn.
  19. Trying to figure out what he C/C's the turn with and calls the river with. I would think Kings still bet this turn even though the turn completes a flush, and a flush would too. Does he really go into check/call mode for 2 streets with QQ- hoping to catch Cobalt with a smaller underpair?
  20. I agree with Zach, this has to be a missed draw or weak pair even from a weak passive player. I really think you would have seen more action if you were up against a bigger hand.Not that SB would know this, but I don't think you're usually trying to run over loose passive calling stations. Knowing that, I don't think you're ever holding less than KJ+ here so my range would be the same as Moneyballs: JJ-TT,55,AJs,KJs+,JTs,98s,8s7s,6s5s,5s4s,AJoQuestion on calling against this range with AJ: We seriously have close to 50% equity in the pot calling against that range? That just seems high to
  21. Most people raise the button with a wideeee range and the only people I see fold to 3bets regularly are tags. Most peoples 3bet calling range in position is pretty wide. You need to 3bet preflop for value.I meant a flop 3-bet
  22. River: as played, if it's check to you, I would think you have to bet the river. Bet the turn too.
  23. If he's reasonably aggressive, I C/R the turn considering most of the hands that you're looking to get value from are going to be forced into betting to protect their hand against overs. I don't seem him coming up here with 910 alot. If he raised called a 3-bet, he's usually going to be the type to get 'em all in on this flop, so he's either hoping his one pair is going to hold up or he's got AA or a set in which case, I think you just live with it cause I think you have to play it this aggressively.
  24. Agreed.I think the most reasonable hand for him to show up with is JQ. I see a naked ten popping the turn and a flopped straight popping the flop, so I don't see a ten often, but it's reasonable to think it might be there. I still think it's JQ most often (or JK whatever).
  25. I like this hand. You're playing deep, but the 3-bet preflop effectively shortens the stacks. he can be showing up here wtih AQ or AJ here a lot, and the fact that you have 2 kings takes away a lot of the JK and AK combinations out of his range.
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