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  1. I'm a big Gus Hansen fan and came across pokerchamps. I assume it sucks since nobody mentions it? I registered for royalvegas, but don't plan on depositing money. I'll just play with the free $10.
  2. 35% but then you have to pay social security (both ends) it ends up being 13.2% I think?
  3. Yeah, what's wrong with Royal Vegas?I did okay in limit tourneys. I play those better than NL tourneys. At least from the 3 or 4 game sample size.
  4. Exactly. Proper UV protection is a must. Honestly though, I think I'm good at poker. Although I've gotten into the habit of reading peoples tells a bit more than reading their betting habits which cost me $50 on party poker trying to think about other players even though they're not sitting there next to me and my kids are running around screaming. But about 8 $5 or $10 tourneys doesn't make for a big enough sample size.
  5. I've played enough poker. Lots of homegames. I'm mostly new to internet gaming. I can't look into peoples eyes and read them like in homegames. That said I'll probably lose my money, but it's fun anyway, no?
  6. Sorry for the newbie question.Okay, so I'm looking for a new site after getting fed up with party poker. I read a few people mention sites that start you off with a $10 bankroll or whatever, any truth to that? Any other sites that are recommended?
  7. Bah, you could say the same thing about baseball or any other sport. Poker is highly entertaining even with no money on the line.
  8. Not depressing at all. I watch TV half that much and certainly didn't win 5000 watching TV.
  9. What is the highest bonus they ever offer? I got one for 50% once when having bank troubles, they REALLY must have wanted me to deposit.
  10. Does the math change in a NL tournament type game at all? IE, if I have a nut flush draw and 6 people call me it's probably good to bet typically in a cash game. However in a tourney game once I'm out I'm out with no more chances at recouping (until the next game). So do you wait for hands with less randomness?Also, if I play mostly homegames how do you deal with the months of time in between wins without losing ego/confidence? I've won $150 in $20 homegames this year, but haven't won money the last several games I play. I know when I win it'll be like 10x the buyin and I win more than
  11. Thanks, sounds like $100 is about right then. I'll try some 1/2, maybe 2/4 if I feel adventurous.
  12. Lord Ben

    michael moore

    Actually a majority describe themselves as democrat as opposed to "liberal", but on social issues they tend to lean towards "conservative" positions.JFK, FDR, etc are one BIG reason why a big majority identify with democrats as a party. However JFK's actual positions on issues are more line with the "compassionate conservatives" of today.That's the statistical analysis at least. My own personal opinion as a proud member of the NRA is that Moore is a pompus ass.
  13. I just play recreationally, I win money overall (+$130 in the last 10 NL homegame tourneys or so) but I don't keep a bankroll apart from my normal money. I can easily afford the recreational $30 buyins for local tourneys without a special fund for it.If I want to go to a local casino and play 1/2 anywhere up to 3/6 what kind of money should I show up with? I've not played much limit poker except online free-games. Lets say I want to spend 4 hours in a casino playing a 2/4 game, how much should I bring to ensure I can play 4 hours without running out of money? I'm confident enough in my p
  14. Yeah, normally I do and win okay. But that's against the more timid people. This was my first time against really aggressive players.
  15. Another bit of info, it was a 43 person tourney that was supposed to last about 5 hours. So the blinds were doubling every 20 minutes after the first few 30 minute ones. Playing tight would have hurt pretty bad because I'd have gotten blinded out in about an hour, probably less.
  16. Okay, I play a lot of homegames and one thing I notice is that I seem to vary in success based on who I'm playing against. I played against my "normal" group of players who are all very good (I think) and do well against them. I'm an aggressive player and they don't like to read draws so I've learned I can steal a lot of pots from them and do well enough even if I get crappy cards all night long.However last friday I was in a local tourney with 43 people and everyone on the table was playing like me? Some of them were quite drunk and were obviously very aggressive. I'd call a few but the
  17. I'm fairly new here, what's the 40 mil freezeout?
  18. I started with $50 playing the 10+1 tourney tables. I'm good at face to face games but online play isn't my strong suit. I got money back twice but lost the other 7 or so games. My bankroll couldn't handle the learning curve.I notice a lot of people say that some sites start you out with a free bankroll? Any list of which ones? I wouldn't mind a free $10 to play with.
  19. Here is a website that lists the local games around Sheboygan. Link goes to this weeks.http://www.thepokerguild.com/testforum/for...sp?TID=102&PN=1
  20. They have like a 2 hour wait for tables I hear too right?The local tourneys are awfully small $30 buyin, approx 20 people. Lots of drinkers so the skill level seems low. I only played once and took first, so it seemed easy.. :)I wanted to go to Oneida for their Wednesday night 100 player tourney's, I wasn't sure though if I was going to have a decent chance or end up being the fish...
  21. Ever play at the tournament at some of the local bars here in Sheboygan? How does the skill level compare at Oneidas to the local tourneys?
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