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  1. What is the buyin on the other events? What kind of prize pool?
  2. Yeah, I had about a 30 minute ride home to fume over the loss and I figured it was:1. Not betting after the flop to see where he stands.2. Reraising to 1200 after he reraised to 400
  3. What does the bracelet mean? Some other victory other than the main event or what?
  4. Okay, I know I messed up - big time. But where exactly did I go wrong?I had J10s on the small blind, 8 person table. Blinds are 25/50 with everyone having about 5k in chips. It was the 7th hand of the game.Everyone just li mped in, except for 2 people who folded. I put the other 25 in to see the flop, the BB checked for a 6-way pot.Flop came up JJ9 rainbow. I had to act first and checked since my T kicker wasn't that great and I didn't know if anyone else had a J. Everyone else checked also. Turn comes up an 8 for an open ended straight draw and still 3 J's. Knowing everyone else fold
  5. I keep them in small stacks of 5. Easier to count out that way and in the tourneys I play in we usually don't have that many chips.
  6. The true beauty of AK is that you can be aggressive since you're at nearly even in chances against anything except AA or KK. So while you might not be a huge favored to win, you can be aggressive and pick up pots and if they call you then you have a pretty good chance of winning still.
  7. The chances of improving to a pair on the flop is 29%, not sure about overall, but probably about 20% more so about 50%
  8. Well, the Q7 was an example. Not a particular hand. The actual hand in question I had J10 suited and the flop came up JJ9. I checked because a 10 kicker isn't that great and everyone also checked. The turn came up 8 so now I had 3 J's with an open ended straight draw and since everyone else checked I didn't figure they had a J. I bet a decent amount. I was raised by a guy, he went all in and I figured he maybe had a straight draw or a flush draw or something so I called him and he had QJ but was slow playing it. Normally I just fold JTs but when it's cheap it's a nice hand to play. An
  9. I've noticed that I play really well when the table is narrowed down to 2 players or so. When like 7 people stay in for the flop I tend to lose some really big hands. IE, I stay in with Q7 or whatever because it's cheap and a Q98 will show up and I'll lose to a 98 or a straight. Where as when it's down to two people I typically win hands like that pretty easily or fold pretty easily. I read people better with fewer in, and the more people the worse I am at reading (because the minimum bets don't tell me anything about their cards). Typically in early rounds nearly everyone at the table w
  10. Well, I only play it against my bro-in-law. I know he'll fold if he doesn't catch anything so I usually stick around until after the flop if it's just us two in the pot just so I can bet him out of it. He's not good...Thanks, I didn't think about the 3 on it's side. I was wondering why K3 was a Krab.
  11. In that case what's a good name for 63 offsuit? When I get that in homegames against my brother in law I like to bluff with it. It makes him mad when I flip up 63o
  12. Why is K3 named Krablar?
  13. I'm not a pro and I enjoy watching the celebrity games. Mostly because you're watching ametuers and in most of the homegames I play in people make the same dumb move. I learn a lot on how to read bad players.For instance once Gordon said "whenever someone makes a raise and gives a speach with it, then it's usually a sign of a strong hand." That might be obvious to some of you guys but it helped me out. Not that I couldn't learn that from reading a book but watching it on TV is more fun.And Bonnie is smoking! Funny girls turn me on.
  14. Also, has anyone played at Oneida in Green Bay or Potowatomi in Milwaukee? Which one would you recommend?
  15. I'm not trying to be an ass or disagree with anyone here. I just was wondering why limit is considered harder? You know exactly what your betting options are and what your opponents betting options are. To be that seems a bit easier really... but I've never played so please be kind.
  16. Like for instance if I have AK and an Ace shows up but there are two hearts in NL I'd push in a huge bet to discourage the flush draw. But in limit what do you do? Bet high to max winnnings and hope he folds? Check so you have less invested if a 3rd heart comes up, etc?I can calculate the odds/etc just fine. And I can recognize what people are holding fairly easy too.
  17. All the poker I've played has been NL games. I've been meaning to go to a local casino and play some 2/4 or 3/6 games. Whatever the lowest is. I have the book, super system, and am planning on reading the limit section after my NL section is memorized.I know there is a difference between playing limit and no limit and the types of hands you play, etc. However, if I'm already a fairly successful NL player would I do okay just sitting down and playing? Other than reading the book can you recommend any other way of practicing effectively first?
  18. It all comes down to how seriously you and the other players take the free-game. I've sat down at free tables and played against some good people and I've played on tables where on the first hand 6 people went all in.The playmoney tourneys on party poker are fairly good IMHO. You need to be patiently waiting to sign up for one when they open and since people who plan on going all in the first hand aren't going to wait around 15 minutes to sign up you get 2000 fairly serious players, not always skilled but fairly serious at least.
  19. Well, one guy I could only lose 4k to, and the other guy wasn't all-in. He only had 3-5k left in chips but I knew he'd fold if he didn't hit a great hand on the flop. I was right and he did fold his QJs when nothing came up on the flop and I bet into him. So at that point it was only Me vs the other two stacks, One of whom I could only lose 4k to anyhow. So the odds are a little bit tricky that way too, but I don't disagree with the final result of the analysis.Thanks for the help guys. Next time I'll fold.
  20. $30 buy-in, Payouts ranged from $270 - $70 with 29 or 32 people, I forget. It was a homegame.I don't have a "bankroll" so when I play it comes out of my spending money. I can afford to lose for the fun of it, but $70 is nice to have. 3 of the people had less than 4k in chips so I was hesitant to go all-in with 30k against another person roughly the same # of chips as me. I figured waiting one more hand until people get blinded out and I have a pretty good chance of then being able to play fine and being one of the chip leaders going into the finals.It's not like I played NO hands, I start
  21. I'm not going to make another post about folding AA or anything like that, but what types of hands do you play on the bubble when forced all in by a previous player?I was in maybe 3rd chip position out of 7, 6 paid out. When people went all in against me I wasn't willing to coin flip and go out on the bubble. I folded AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, TT when another player bet first and put me all in. Assuming I didn't care about the money I'd have called with some of those hands all day long. However the $70 for 6th place looked pretty nice if I could just fold and let one of the short stacks take the
  22. Thanks, that calculator is great. I only knew the odds of 1-1 hands, not with adding in 4 hands total. I added in the different calculations and I wasn't getting 4-1 for most of the hands I thought they might have. I figured that unless someone had AA or KK my odds were at LEAST 30% if not better than that so I called. But I didn't know how to calculate multiple people in the same pot.I ended up taking 3rd for the evening and bringing home $155 or 5x the buyin.
  23. Okay, I was wondering if people could lend me some help figuring out if I got the right pot odds on this hand or if I did something dumb. I posted this hand at my brothers blog at http://nolimitsheboygan.blogspot.com/2005/.../dumb-call.html but I'll repost it here so people don't have to leave the site.-----------------------Okay, on to the second hand I'll second guess myself on all night long. I can't remember, but I think it was several hands after the previous post. Blinds were 2k/4kI have about 45k in chips and was definitely the dominant chip leader of the evening at that point. 7 peopl
  24. Well, I started my RoyalVegas $10 free money. I played for about 5.5 hours and got it up to $18.35 Not too bad I think... Money wise it sucks compared to my job. But it was fun and the other players were fairly skilled.
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