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  1. But with a crappy flop like that isn't there a fairly good chance they'd fold and I'd take down the pot with no work? A semi-bluff if you will?
  2. How do you play big draws in NLHE tourneys? Try to see the cards for cheap, push in and let the opponent fold or gamble? The last couple tourneys I tried to see the cards for cheap and that didn't work out well so the last game I pushed in with big bets when A8s hit a flush draw, etc. The situation: I was the chip leader after brilliantly playing multiple hands in the first few rounds (that's the story I'm sticking too). Several other players had normal sized stacks of around 2000-6000 chips to my approx 12000 (start with 5k). Blinds were probably 100/200. Multiple people limp in, I ha
  3. While not statistically significant I can tell you that based on my own analysis if I play the way I normally do I'll keep winning the same if not more games. I learn more every time and havn't been down money yet.Plus I'm adding more stats to the game every week or two.
  4. Well sure! But I play the game because it's a sport, not for the money. Money just is how you keep score! Even if I was good enough I don't know if I'd want to do it for a living anyway.I took first and made $265 after 6 hours of playing in my brothers garage. If I were working for a living fixing computers in my side business I'd have made almost that much without the risk of making nothing... So poker is mostly for the enjoyment.
  5. you really should be asking where the softest games areWhat's the fun in that? Assume for the sake if discussion that I'm just as good as DN, or I think I could be with more experience. Unfortunately I'm also not wealthy enough to pay anything more than $100 for a game of poker. And even if I play a $100 game it's something I could only do once every few months which won't really tell me much about my game. How do I ever find out if I'm good? Apart from some kind rich soul staking me in a few tourneys I'll pretty much be stuck playing low buy-in games. The biggest one in the area where
  6. Sure, but then the corporation would have to pay taxes.
  7. Sure, like watch our 3 kids! Oneida in Green Bay has 100 player tourneys for $65 which is exactly what I'm looking for. However I'd need to take the day off of work as it's on Wednesday night and in order to reserve a seat you need to be there like 4 hours before it starts and be playing o ther table games.
  8. Does he deal mostly with tournament play? I could care less about cash games. I play about 99% tournaments.
  9. Any good NLHE books? Or videos? I started reading super system but someone said it was outdated so I stopped. I watched a Howard Lederer video, I learnt a lot from it but that was ages ago.
  10. Not to be rude, but why is that? Also to some degree it's fun to know peoples names and BS when I'm not in a hand. But online I get bored and want to play since I view it more as a game and less as a sport. I'm not knocking people who like online play. But I can't concentrate and wait for hands and pay attention. I always get bored and surf for porn in the other window...
  11. Well, since the week after the superbowl these are the 10 games I played in.Money Place # of players $60.00 1 8 $150.00 1 13 $(20.00) 5 8 $10.00 4 20 $(30.00) 27 43 $(20.00) 7 18 $125.00 3 32 $(50.00) 17 17 $30.00 5 23 $265.00 1 29------------------------ $520.00I think that's pretty darn good. Only 4 times I didn't win money, and of the 6 I did win there were some decent sized prizes.Online is tempting, but I tried it and NL is just not quite right when you can't look at the other guy. Reading people is a big advantage I have and I don't like giving it up.I've heard that moving up in
  12. Since he's from my hometown and will be on TV Wednesday with DN I was wondering if anyone knew any more about him? Has he done anything since winning that game? Any background info?
  13. The only big tourney near me is up in Green Bay and you need to be there a few hours ahead in order to reserve a seat. You can't reserve it ahead of time.
  14. Well, with 20-30 buyins the money I win isn't a big deal. I just like winning. I took 1st Saturday out of 29 people and got $290, so she's getting something nice for Mothers Day...
  15. I've been cleaning up small local tourneys fairly regularly. About as regular as I can while figuring in luck at least. I've been playing in 10-40 player games (not internet) with a buyin of $20-30. The money isn't great but the other players give me a decent race to the end.I can't afford to play in any $1000 games or anything, well I can afford it if I save my winnings but the wife usually spends what I win since it's a good tradeoff for letting me out with the boys. What I was thinking of was driving up to Michigan or down to Chicago where I hear they have some satillite games going on
  16. If he can read people making bets the size of my yearly income I think he's not worried about reading whether his girlfriend will say yes or not. That's chump change (to read, it's far more important)
  17. No you can't, I think their socialized medicine is crap and I say so frequently.
  18. Were were on the bubble as in 6-7 players left when 5 places paid out. I was hoping she'd fold her big blind because she was a tight player and wanted to conserve her few remaining chips and hopefully make it into the money by virtue of patience. I was wrong and lost 1200. But later in the evening I was right and made 3600 on the same play. (2 limpers at 600 ea, I on BB reraised to 1800, two callers. Flop came up Q85, I bet 1200 and both folded.
  19. It's not worthy of a seperate post so I'll just put it here. Blinds are 300/600, I'm on small blind. To my left is a woman who raised once before the flop all night long - with pocket A's. She's on short stack.I have 62, I bet 1200 to try and buy her 600 since she's pretty conservative and would probably fold on the bubble if she didn't have it. She went all in for 2300 or so (total). I folded instead of putting in the 1100 since 62 is a damn long shot against anything she'd raise with I figure. After the hand though I thought that betting 1100 into the 3500 pot might not be the worst th
  20. I don't like the all-in move because while I would have been right this time it only takes ONE bad read in a LONG tourney in order to bust out and go home with nothing. You need to be right 100% of the time when going all in or you don't win the tourney. If I lose 2500 I still have 1500 left to try and win pots with and get back in the game, if I lose all 4000 I have to go home. If I am up to 6500 after 4 hands that great, 8000 is still great but it's a long tourney and it doesn't mean I can fold my way into the money. The extra bit of risk isn't worth the extra bit of reward early in th
  21. Being scared had more to do with blocking off a Wednesday evening to hang out with my two brothers and play some poker and wanting to play longer than 10 minutes. The previous time I was out in 20 minutes and I wanted to play for awhile and have some fun with the boys. My wife doesn't let me play THAT much so I like to savor the games I can play...
  22. This brings up an interesting point. If he'd have pushed all-in on the river instead of 1500 should I have still called or folded? Obviously I won this one, but would it have been the right play in the long run?
  23. T9s is what he had. The check on the turn was a bit chicken shit, but I got burned on my 7th hand the previous tourney and wasn't in a mood to take chances 10 minutes into the game when I could see another card for free. Plus it was the first time playing against each other and I wasn't willing to wager my evening o' fun on him not having A5s or something and being a bad player. The check on the 5 turned out well enough anyway because he would have folded had I bet on the turn and I wouldn't have gotten his 1500 on the river.
  24. Yep, sort of. T9s so he had an inside straight draw plus top pair and a decent kicker)That's exactly what I thought (A9). When he limped in I didn't figure he had a pocket pair (the players in this game are fairly skillful). Yet when he called my 200 he must have had SOME good cards. The 100 bet on the 975 flop was kind of weak so I didn't figure him on two pair, and when he called the 500 I didn't figure he had bottom pair. I got chicken legs on the turn and should have bet, that I'll admit was a mistake. The river bet (pot sized) I figured he was trying to get me out. Top pair, top ki
  25. If I'm at the WSOP and on the first hand everyone on the table goes all in and I have AA... Just kiddingShould I call? Or fold?I am dealer, I look down and see KK on the 4th or 5th hand of the game (4000 starting chips). Limp, limp, limp goes the betters. Not wanting the A3 limpers to suck out on me I raised to 200 (4x the big blind). 1-3 people called me, I forget. The flop comes up 9 7 5 rainbow, the first to act bets 100, everyone folded to me, I raised to 500 (pot sized or so), the raiser called. Turn comes up another 5, I'm worried a little bit. He just checks, which could mea
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