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  1. I thought Dan Harrington looked a little gay on the WSOP this year. Anyone agree? Some guys just have gay tendencies, I guess.
  2. life does not stop and start at your convienience you miserable piece of shit
  3. riggedriggedjopkerigged cheatyeah rightjopke
  4. alright, i have the perfect solution.everyone in this forum transfers 250 dollars into MY pokerstars account, rwmarks. that way, everyone is on equal footing and everyone is happy
  5. Believe it or not, there are people who will buy play money chips. A friend of mine and I sell them; 25 bucks for a million. We've sold like 4 million. Plus play money is stress free if you have some time to kill. No different than sitting at your desk playing mindsweeper or tetris.
  6. i just didn't want to bump it since it's 4 pages and the picture doesn't come until late. i just heard the forum crying for more greenstein, chocula references.
  7. I give basketball another five weeks. I mean, by now every church has a CYO team, most high schools have teams. My town is on year 60 of basketball I think. This can't go on for much longer. It's gotta die down eventually.
  8. i once ended up all in after hitting a set of Kings on the turn. I got called and the guy flipped over a set of threes.After he lost, he said "oh man lost another coin flip."and i said, "yeah, man, but you'll probably win the next one."
  9. TTIDAH - this thread is dumb as hell
  10. I'll play A9 or A10 from LP or from the blinds. I'll call a small raise LP raise from the BB with either of these hands. You have to make sure you remember who you're playing against. I can't tell you how many times I've raised from EP with KK and tooka big pot off of a TPTK holding A10 or A9 or been in a similar situation. Be careful. A10/ A9 can be profitable if you hit a set or boat, otherwise, you're most likely going to lose a lot of money with them.
  11. wait, wait, wait, and you're losing money?
  12. To the OP:I challenge you to a $40,000 Spelling Bee Freezeout.
  13. Want to play me heads up for 100 bucks at my house in New Jersey? NLHE. USD.
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