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  1. i got one on full tilt with Ad10d, the Qd on the turn sealed it for me. Then at a home game i got it with KsQs on the river, which was the Js. I flopped the nut flush with As 4s 10s, the turn was a blank, the river gave me the royal. I won a huge pot online with it but at the home game it was a smallish/moderate pot.
  2. Well since you don't know the guy well enough then you definitely can't fold the hand, given the amount of money in the pot. I like how you played the hand on the turn and river, a lot of people overplay aces.Since he raised then called you preflop he probably has JJ or QQ although AK is a definite possibility. If he has any other King, like KQ suited, he is a jackass for calling your re-raise. If he flopped a set then oh well, that's poker. I think you played the hand correctly. I don't think he had a K because if you called his check-raise why would he check again on the turn? That's
  3. i find this optional according to personality... 80% of the time i become buddies with at least 1 other person in the tournament, usually someone sitting next to me at my 1st table. if you can play your A Game and have a little chat, why not? besides it's always much more sneakier to put a move on someone you made friends with, meanwhile most players will be wary of the quiet hermitlike player at the table. and always remember poker is FUN, i mean unless you play for a living i think you should maximize your fun. again, the definition of fun comes down to preference. if you think being a sil
  4. if it was heads up, it wasn't a terrible call cuz he was getting OK odds, would still have chips left if he lost, plus he figured both cards were live and he's only in bad shape to a big pair.go look up daniel's quiz where he admits to making a mistake folding a hand like this heads up for all his chips vs esfandiari (daniel folded 7-8 suited and said it was a mistake)
  5. Pineapple---one card is tossed preflopCrazy Pineapple---one card toss on flop, after betting. sometimes people play toss and bet.This game is also played 8/better as well,Fun game, one of my favorites. You can play it online at ultimate bet.I recently just hosted a $20 crazy pineapple freezeout at my apartment. it's really tricky when you flop a good draw and top pair and have to decide what to keep. my friend threw away bottom 2 pair to chase his nut flush draw and his full house hit on the turn... tricky tricky game, though any sane person would keep the two pair, you can really exploit peop
  6. i flopped top set in a 1/2 NL game at the trop, the guy calls my $25 raise on the flop and $30 on the turn, so i bet $75 on the river. he calls, turns over flopped top pair (the flop was 8 3 5 rainbow, he had A8, i had 88) and says... "it takes more than that to bluff me... time to pay the piper!" as i rake the pot. i have NO idea what he meant, but 25 min later he paid off my nut straight when i had KJ not suited! Then a bit later he made it $10 to go from UTG, everyone folds to me on the button, i call with T8 suited, the BB calls as well. the flop comes 10 8 4, the BB bets $20, the piper
  7. i won a $50 buyin $50 rebuy tournament this weekend at the trop, netting $1300 and i tipped $100.
  8. I am a pretty nice person and I have no problem at the poker table. The difficulty comes in when a nice person fails to separate the rest of their life from poker, or if they consider beating someone for all their money an unfriendly or mean thing to do.
  9. i sometimes listen to the ace of spades over and over. motorhead rules. i even have a motorhead ace of spades tee shirt i wear to home games...A
  10. Sunday i had a slow, easy time netting $200 at 1-2 NL. Maybe i could have won more but i drank a bit too much.Monday i won $500 playing 1-2 nl. Then I finished 7th out of 100+ in the rebuy tournament, netting $238. I might have won it but it was a spectacular hand to knock me out, i had A9 on an A 9 2 flop and the woman in the pot with me had 99. Nothing i can do about that. Then at 5:15 to 9:30 am... I won the dealers vs players tournament and took down $1300 to cap off a session that lasted from 230pm--930am. One session, 2 final tables, 1 win.Then I woke up Tuesdayand won another $500
  11. I haven't been there but i will check it out.But i agree with you, i just LOVE the trop (see the icon). i've never felt more comfortable in a cardroom. i'll play anywhere but the trop is my favorite.
  12. I would meet up at an NYC room this weekend. (or any weekend for that matter, since you'll be in ac.) let me knowhow you like bayonne? i was there for the 1st time last week. The scenic vistas go on for miles.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's funny, scenic vistas. i'm sure thats what spielberg saw when he decided to shoot war of the worlds here. by the way i met tom cruise when he was here. he may be a goofball scientologist, but was a nice guy.why were you in bayonne? there's nothing here, lol.anyway i have NEVER been to an NYC room, and i'm curious to go. it would be preferable to go with someone wh
  13. in terms of world series of poker accomplishments, this would probably be the most imprsssive feat.however it is highly unlikely it will elevate raymer to the status of brunson or chan, or, in my opinion, to the status of hellmuth, negraneu, seidel, ivey, chip, tj, jesus and a lot of other elite players.if someone hits back to back 70 home runs, do they automatically become the next babe ruth or hank aaron? of course not, that's silly. it takes a lot more to be considered amongst the best of all time.so yes while i agree this would be the most impressive wsop feat ever i wouldnt grant raymer
  14. We usually throw Bob Marley on when we play cards. It's nice and mellow so it helps prevent tilt.
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