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  1. So, I haven't posted on the forum for a really long time....a couple of years maybe? Over a year for sure. And shockingly, I didn't visit or read anything at FCP for about 8 months. A couple of months ago I started checking in again once or twice a week, and reading threads that caught my interest.I knew about Josh's original thread from a long time ago, regarding HBO making this series. Now that's it's started, I checked it out and saw this new thread too. I read it a week or 2 ago. And checked on it a couple of times since. When Mercury and Thera had their original exchange......whic
  2. You left out the "asinine" part.sidenote: I always think it's weird when guys call females "arseholes". (actually, I think arsehole in itself is a strange word; why not just say asshole?) Anyway, I prefer "bitch", thank you very much. I agree with much of this, and respectfully disagree with parts of it. For those that watch the TV series, and never read the books, it will stand on it’s own as a highly entertaining TV show based on the high production value, first-rate acting, and the basic plot – which is very engaging. For those that have read the books, I believe most would have gone
  3. Pretty sure he’s referring to people in real life. Friends. You know....people he likes.He wasn’t being a douche to you. Everything he said to you, was exactly what went through my mind when I read your comments about the show. (i.e. you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about). He was just speaking the truth. It’s annoying for those that have read the books, to read your (asinine) sweeping proclamations about the story, when you haven’t actually READ THE BOOKS. Go ahead and read them, and then contribute something of substance. For those that are having trouble keeping up with
  4. You're an idiot. I mean, every post I've ever read of your's is super annoying. But this thread takes the cake. The guy has won 10 bracelets. Tied with Brunson for 2nd in bracelet count, only behind Hellmuth. Any commentary on his "records" from a snot-nosed kid like you, who's probably not old enough to gamble in a LV casino, is....well, it's absurd.
  5. Oops, oh yeah lol. I was lucky to have made it to the final table. Doh!
  6. Thanks Bob, you rock!BunnyRocks (Calgary)
  7. You should stake me, because you beat me HU last week - and you feel bad about that and want to make it up to me.
  8. Thanks to Gary (and Gallo) for the stake! That was fun.Good game all......and congrats Bob :)p.s. yeah, was my fold good in the hand Gary posted?
  9. Yes it's the same Colleen Jones, and Don Duguid is an (old) championship curler from Canada as well. He's easily the most well known curler from back in the day.
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